Car Air Purifier


1、the third generation of ionic patent technology

2、medical grade filter: HEPA fliter+activated carbon

3、remove PM2.5、smoke、formaldehyde、TVOC and bacteria

4、to overcome motion sickness and ease driving fatigue

5、360 degree vetical circulation, more reasonable duct design

6、imported aluminum turbo fan, clean the air every 3 minutes

7、strart with the car, 3 speed control modes, max noise 45db

8、special PC material for cars, heat resistant up to 125℃


Colors White,Black 

Rated Voltage  12V/DC (Car Cigarette  Lighter) 

Max Power 5 W 

Ionic Density 40 million pcs/cm³ 

Particulates   CADR 21.8 m³/h 

TOVC CADR >9.3 m³/h 

PM2.5 Removal  Rate 98.77%(10 min) 

Formaldehyde Removal Rate 85.7%(1 h) 

TVOC Removal  Rate 92.0%(1 h) 

Bacteria  Removal Rate 99.9%(2 h) 

Max Air Volume 68 m³/h 

Product Size 173*173*73 mm 

Package Size 248*210*76mm 

Product Weight 570g 

Package Weight 977g 

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