Car Air Purifier


1、ionic patent technology

2、 humidifier

3、remove PM2.5、smoke、formaldehyde、TVOC and bacteria

4、HEPA compound filter

5、built-in clean cotton silver, add aroma liquid perfume, essential oil

6、 charge by solar energy,  polymer lithium battery


Color Black with Gold 

Rated Voltage  DC12V 

Max Power <5W 

Ionic Density >10 million pcs/cm³ 

PM2.5 Removal  Rate 99% 

Formaldehyde  Removal Rate >90% 

Bacteria Removal Rate >99% 

Max Noise <50 db

Product Size 172*172*45mm 

Package Size 250*210*60mm 

Product Weight  390 g 

Package Weight 860g 

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