Car Air Purifier


1、three layers fliter: HEPA fliter + activated carbon + photocatalyst

2、sterilization system: medical grade UV sterilizer light

3、the ionic patent technology

4、remove PM2.5、smoke、formaldehyde、TVOC and bacteria

5、to overcome motion sickness and ease driving fatigue

6、built-in cotton sliver, which can be added aroma liquid like perfume, essential oil etc.

7、imported TVOC sensor, measuring air condition automatically, three colors show the air condition

8、two turbo fan,  large air flow and low noise

9、strart with the car, two speed control modes, adjusts the wind speed automatically according to air condition


Color White, Black 

Rated Voltage  12V/DC (Car Cigarette  Lighter) 

Max Power <6W 

Inion Density >40 million pcs/cm³ 

PM2.5 Removal  Rate 98.00% 

Formaldehyde  Removal Rate 90.70%(1 h) 

Bacteria Removal  Rate 99.95%(2 h) 

Adapt Area <10m³ 

Max Noise <45 db 

Product Size 200*130*60 mm 

Package Size 270*170*70 mm 

Product Weight  400g 

Packge Weight  720 g 

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