Air Fresher


I. Exploding Drawing:

V. Attention:
l Avoid danger, don’t let children touch the power supply when the machine is working. Also can’t make this machine lay aslant, otherwise it will affect the normal operation.
l When the power lead is damaged, to avoid any danger, must be replaced by service department or the professional persons.

VI. Technical Data:

Product NameAir Purifier
Tank Capacity1.5L

VII. Accessories:
Adapter (1 pc)
Operating manual (1 pc)

Forbid scattering water into machine’s up body. If there is water on the machine when taking up the up body, you must put the up body vertically or aslant, place it on dry towel or use towel to dry the machines body. Don’t make the machine reverse laying in order to avoid the water inflowing into the machine body and shorten its using-life.


Drain and Clean
Please change the water in time when it hasn’t been used for a long time or is contaminated. The steps are as below:
ⅰ Turn off the power and unplug the machine.
ⅱ Take off the upper body.
ⅲ. Empty the dirty water inside the tank, and clean the tank. If necessary, you may also add some detergent into the water for
cleaning purpose.
iv. Take the upper body and set it in right place.
v. The machine needs cleaning every 3 months only.

IV. Notice:
l The water-washing system won’t work if no enough water be filled, so please add water higher than the “MIN” level before
turning on the machine.
l The machine should be placed on a water level surface. When carrying, please hold the bottom steadily.
l Clean the surface of body with cloth.
l Make sure nothing put above the airflow outlet.
l As the machine has humidifying function, if your room is already very moist please choose airflow at low speed state, or
stop working of the machine.
l If no use the machine for a long time, empty the water and keep the tank dry.

II. Introduction of the Control Panel and Display Screen:

All buttons listed below:

AnionUV Lamp

Lampion:Sleep Mode 


Press this power buttonto start the machine, it will run at the low speed state, the water-washing system starts working.
Press this buttonagain, the machine will stop working.

Press this button, the airflow symbolwill lights and the machine will work at low speed at the beginning. Press it again,the airflow speed (low, medium , high) can be changed circularly.

Press this button,  Anion symbol lights and the ionizer starts working. Press it again, the ionizer stops working.

UV Lamp:
Press this button, UV symbol lights and Ultraviolet
function starts working. Press it again, the function stops working and the symbol will darken.

Press this button , the 7-color lampions will blink. Press it again, the lampions will darken.

Press this button , the clock symbol blinks, you can choose to turn off the machine some hours later.
Timer can work in progression circle from 1 to 9 hours. You may press timing button again after “progression circle” to cancel the timer, (Press the Power button  also can cancel the timer), and
the clock symbol will darken.
When the machine at shutdown state, press this button  will control the machine startup some hours later.

Sleep Mode:
When the machine working, press this button , the machine will run at low speed state, and the lampion will darken. After 1 minute all lights will automatically turn off except the symbol  which indicates the sleep mode. Press this button once again to cancel sleep mode, the symbol will darken (the machine will run at low speed state with dark lampion, other functions are still resume).

Power connected:
When the machine is connected with a power supply (no matter the machine at startup or shutdown state), the screen always display temperature. 


Fill Water

Make sure the power is off. Take off the upper body, and fill water into the transparent tank. Make sure to fill water no higher than the “MAX” level and no lower than the “MIN” level marked outside the tank. Then take the upper body and set it in right place. 

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