2, 3, hospital environment of medical air sterilization machine requirements

by:Funglan     2020-11-03
First of all we said the hospital environment, this kind of environment, on the top of air disinfection requirements is usually to do laminar flow purification engineering to meet the requirements, medical air disinfection machine is unable to meet this standard. Hospital of environment air disinfection is required to achieve best level, that is to say, disinfection effect to ensure the in & le; 10cfu/m³ This standard, therefore, a kind of environmental cost is quite high, general third rate or special hospitals will have this kind of health. Then the second class hospital environment, this kind of environment of air disinfection purification requirement after a kind of environment, the second class environment in hospital is very common, if the operating room, icu intensive care units, delivery room, etc. , this kind of environment is at 1 - to air disinfection requirements The class of 100000, its sterilization effect to guarantee & le; 200cfu/m³ , the standard medical air disinfection sterilization machine can be achieved. Generally this kind of environment, whether the hospital at what level, the ministry of health are must be strict with medical air disinfection machine, most hospitals adopt dynamic air sterilizer, can human coexistence, for example: circulation wind ultraviolet air disinfector. , of course, if the lack of funds, the hospital or configure static medical in sterilizing machine, anyway, regardless of any kind of medical air sterilization machine, so long as has the authority to issue the disinfection effect of the inspection report and disinfection equipment hygiene license issued by the ministry of health of the People's Republic of China, approval documents are able to achieve the hospital 2 kinds of environmental disinfection requirements ( There is one premise: disinfection volume in within the scope of this machine, the approval documents of the ministry of health has a clear marked as applicable space volume and time needed for disinfection standard) 。 Finally the three kinds of environment, this kind of environment disinfection requirements is the lowest, the disinfection standard requires level 300000, disinfection effect is guaranteed in & le; 500cfu/m³ , under the level 2 grade a hospital is basically not configuration medical air disinfection machine, except some special cases. Here are two types of environmental division: II class environment: normal operation room, delivery room, baby room, premature babies, the common protective isolation room, supply room sterile area, burn ward, ICU intensive care unit environment of class III: pediatric ward, gynecological examination room, injection room, dressing room, supply room clean area, emergency room and room, laboratory, all kinds of the common ward ( Company specializing in the r&d, production, sales, After) Medical air disinfection machine, central air disinfection purification plant for the integration of high and new science and technology co. , LTD. , factory direct sale, complete qualification certificates, and cheap, welcome the masses of the user consultation order)
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