A new type of plasma electrostatic dedusting air disinfection sterilization purification technology

by:Funglan     2020-11-23
New plasma electrostatic dusting air sterilization disinfection purification technology of new products listed plasma electrostatic dusting air sterilization disinfection purification technology is one of the current hospital disinfection purification equipment is widely used, let's see what are the technological principle of the plasma air sterilization machine? Plasma electrostatic dust removal technology is sterilization through the pressure ionization device low current high voltage pulse power, the formation of ultra high frequency pulse discharge, ground state get enough energy of gas and ion oxide airborne bacteria and viruses. TVOC materials and particle, etc. , in under the action of coulomb force, the dust in the air to the electric displacement integration, realize the air disinfection sterilization, dust purification. Mostly used in the practical application in the central air conditioning ventilation system, choose according to actual space wind cabinet air disinfection purification plant air volume size, overall customer need space to make a detailed description on their own, businesses can carry on the design and recommend solutions. Plasma air sterilization machine product function and features: 1. The standardized module design, can according to the air volume, size free combination; 2. Can remove the PM2 in the air. 5, at the same time to kill a large number of bacteria; 3. With air conditioning equipment linkage, separate control or pneumatic control; 4. Plasma electrostatic module resistance, resistance is less than 30 pa, air volume low loss; 5. Product service life is long, the service life of the plasma electrostatic module can reach more than 10 years; 6. Convenient maintenance, no consumables, plasma electrostatic module can be regular cleaning maintenance, effectively reduce air conditioning duct cleaning times; 7. Using plasma physics disinfection purification way, no harm to human body of pure dynamic disinfection technology, safe and efficient environmental protection; 8. Applications: hospitals, food factory, pharmaceutical factory, company, hotel, exhibition, gymnasium, airports and other public places. Above is plasma disinfection of air disinfection purification technology principle and characteristics, in addition to using plasma electrostatic bactericidal dust removal technology, we can also combine optical purification aseptic technique, now we understand the sterilization effect of the light reaction technology, how will the; By combining two? v - G/B/Q type air purification sterilization machine is using light reaction technology, the rapid decomposition and oxidation air formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC and other harmful gases, and kill bacteria, viruses and mold in the air microbial contaminants such as a convenient and efficient air cleaning machine. It is suitable for installation in fan coil units, the new fan and duct air supply pipe FengKouChu. v - G/B/Q type product mirror light reaction principle: the multiband specific wavelength and intensity of uv light, on the one hand, the organic matter in the air molecules absorb certain wavelengths photon energy and photosensitive process, organic molecules into ions, quickly free atoms, excited or neutral molecules; The oxygen in the air, on the other hand, absorb specific strength of the photon energy and generate strong chemical activity of atomic oxygen, oxygen ground state and negative oxygen ions, and the water molecules in the air and hydrogen under high energy electron and the role of reactive oxygen species generated hydrogen and oxygen free radicals. In the atomic oxygen, with characteristics of strong oxidation under the effect of the ground state of oxygen and hydrogen and oxygen free radicals, not only in the breakdown of organic photosensitive material quickly harmless, odorless gas such as oxygen into water and carbon dioxide, and the bacteria, viruses, mold and other biological pollutants in the air also was oxidized to death, to remove harmful gases, smoke deodorization, disinfection sterilization, and the purpose of the fresh air.
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