About high-rise elevator installation of central air conditioning air disinfector is necessary

by:Funglan     2020-11-04
High-rise buildings now looks not surprising, then the small make up together with all of you know today about high-rise elevator installation of central air-conditioning air disinfector is necessary? The estimated only live in tall buildings up and down the elevator often friends the most clear, due to the relatively closed, researchers in and out of the ordinary and poor ventilation. We all know that the elevator with ventilation system, but many are not going to work, stay for a long time in the elevator dizziness, chest tightness is normal, because less oxygen, so the anoxic conditions can cause discomfort. Crowded conditions lead to less oxygen, then the elevator, in addition to cause related physical discomfort, and which can cause health problems. If we all know that smokers to smoke in the elevator, even 2 or 3 people inside, the feeling is very uncomfortable, secondhand smoke more than one hand smoke. So if we lived in a few storeys, if the elevator air pollution is serious, it is easy to cause bacteria and viruses, leading to disease hurt the body. Secondly, because the nature is different degrees of damage, such as: pollution, industrial pollution, automobile exhaust pollution, water pollution and so on lead to serious pollution of air so haze weather, the acid rain weather, etc. , for people are natural disasters, so here and let's think about living in 10, 20, 30 layers and older residents, and workers in both inside and outside the air pollution in the case is not easy. Then we can be installed in the indoor air disinfection machine, central air conditioning air disinfector, air purification disinfection machine equipment, but it will ignore the elevator. So whether the elevator also need to install the air sterilizer? Really necessary? See here don't know what do you think, small make up feel since we settled on the tower, or work in the tower for a long time, so if the property economy allows, still can consider to install the central air conditioning air sterilizer, not only can purify air, and can eliminate the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, toluene, ammonia in the air, the output is pure and fresh air! Some friends will think, the elevator can take several times a day, if bad, bad, endure a moment, but if this long-term stealth to his body buried in the chronic time bomb. So small make up think dozens of layer of high-rise buildings is necessary to install the central air conditioning air disinfector. Above only small make up personal opinion, for reference only, hope good air always around us, health and happiness!
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