About how to prevent the winter haze cause respiratory disease children

by:Funglan     2020-10-28
Small make up attention all parties today reported that recently many child respiratory diseases increased quickly province happen! For example: xiamen, Hohhot, xian, Shanghai, jinan, shandong and other places determination about the fog haze caused child respiratory disease at a record high. Learned, jinan heavy pollution response has also started level 3, the main reason is affected by the fog in winter. Then we take a look at what child respiratory diseases and harm caused? The fog is very small, less than 2. 5 um, can enter the lungs through muzzle, the lungs into the blood. As for a long time in the haze environment, inhaled PM2 a lot. 5 um particles deposited on the body. Like a ticking time bomb, have unpredictable consequences could explode at any time. Such as cardiovascular disease, digestive system, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, etc. Especially newborns is the key of the viral pneumonia, so for kindergarten, primary school children, mainly caused by pneumonia mycoplasma infection, and very fierce. So what are the main symptoms? Specific performance in cold condition is more, breathing a runny nose, sneezing, stuffy nose, and throat sore, etc. For pneumonia is much more serious than cold, pneumonia, early and cold is similar, with the development of the course, along with a few days a fever is not retreated, and shortness of breath, asthma, cough, with this case the risk of pneumonia is bigger, or pneumonia caused by failed to go to a doctor. In the face of winter menacing haze weather, the child respiratory disease at a record high. So we can't dying out there, take action. So how do we prevent winter fog caused child respiratory disease? 1. Drink water more, normal water, diuretic detoxification. 2. Go out less, really want to go out wear a mask to prevent fog. 3. Pay attention to a balanced diet, eat some contain vitamin and protein food, ensure human nutrition balance, strengthen the resistance. 4. Indoor should pay attention to health, go back also to pay attention to health. 5. Conditional can hold mobile air sterilizer, often to the indoor disinfection sterilization, purify indoor air. 6. Pay attention to the child dress to keep warm, avoid haze outdoor activities. From the above is part of the preventive measures and solutions, we can serve as a reference. According to related survey data shows that affected by the winter haze some basic disease basic diseases such as bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis patients, incidence of a disease are on the rise. Compared to previous increases about 20%. Winter fog caused child respiratory disease innovation is high, in the easy cause infection season, we need to be prepared in advance. More and more cold, winter fog it. and also in our life, so we do the parents, not only to take care of yourself, also want to take good care of the children, home of the old man. Hope everyone healthy body, all the luck, peace and happiness!
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