About long-distance trains air disinfection machine processing can not be ignored

by:Funglan     2020-10-31
Travel transportation in our country is known to all, the capacity of the train is very large. We all know that generally the train hard seat 118 seats, 66 position of hard sleeper, soft seat seat 80, 36 soft sleeper position. Just one train has dozens of cars, general added up to more than 600 locations. And our life really according to the capacity of the standard bus? Sitting on the train knows that a car filled with people, crazy. Especially the Mid-Autumn festival, National Day, Spring Festival and other big holiday. Between traffic breakthrough, can transport a great god. When they came out, the air quality serious decline. Remember to go to college, on holiday didn't buy a ticket. Away from home in four hours of the train, but that day I did eight hours, because it is a green train, slowly is ok. But crowded in the train can't move, breathing feel is hot. Near the ground, seat, toilet, etc are not as long as you can stand empty place. On a toilet have good half-day, if at this time to have a cold, flu this car don't have to be involved. And carry what bacteria and virus harm to the family, village, town, and so on all over the world gather together in the same train, the consequences are unknown. Actually, sitting on the train of people feel the same way, so small make up here is not to nag. We continue to look down below: we have learned, long-distance train internal air contains a lot of waste gas, such as bacteria and a variety of secretion, such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulates, pathogenic bacteria, and so on. Different gas inside the car, it is easy to into the spread of respiratory infectious disease. So on long-distance trains air purification disinfection treatment should not be ignored. In the class the car the most unbearable is riding ', is also a main source of air pollution. Consider our long-term in the foul air, can lead to heart restless, and can cause a variety of discomfort symptoms, such as to give us the body and mind of passengers and cabin crew has a harmful effect. To improve passenger train compartment air pollution, environmental special air purification senior professors as r&d engineer, work on the interior air environment. In early 2015, is suitable to develop two train car air sterilizer. The car air conditioning wind circulation purification device, placed in air conditioning duct mounted air disinfection purifier, to send/return air disinfection purification, can be dynamic cycle of car air disinfection purification, solve the peculiar smell in the air, bacteria, floating particles, bacteria, etc. Air pollution greatly reduce carriage, for the vast number of passengers a comfortable driving environment. Hope that our country is getting better and better public facilities, national prosperity, people's life quality to the next level.
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