About maintain indoor cleaning and hygiene to prevent village card the spread of the virus

by:Funglan     2020-11-13
Rising living standards, a variety of environmental pollution, which leads to the living environment is also affected by different degree, last year we have not completely prevent the ebola outbreak spread over. Again this year he virus, it is a tricky virus infection. Then we will find the two viruses originated, one is a great gap between the rich and poor in Africa, a is the world's tycoons. So no matter what the virus is part of the good or bad, as long as can live will multiply. In the face of not fully control his virus today, we can do is prevention, pay attention to life and health. Small make up to share with you keep indoor clean the spread of the virus prevention village card? We all know he virus is spread by mosquitoes, there are reports can also be spread by sexual, so no matter what pay attention to health can't be wrong. So currently no vaccine. Reduce the village card virus infection sources, can purify and transform breeding ground and reduce mosquito can reduce infections of contact with the people. Recommend the following measures: 1. Use insect repellent; 2. As covering the body clothes wear and the best is light color clothes; 3. Use the physical barriers such as gauze, Windows and doors closed; Bed nets to sleep. And more importantly the bucket, flower pot or automobile tires and other possible water storage container implementation emptying, keep clean, or to coverage, thus removing can make the environment of mosquito breeding. In order to avoid mosquito bites, it is recommended that when traveling understanding environment nearby, asked the local health department, strengthen the anti-mosquito insect-resistant measures, reduce travel as far as possible, especially he virus tourist attractions have occurred, if must go to the best local health department. Maintain indoor cleaning and hygiene to prevent village card the spread of the virus from nearby small start, universal prevention to create a healthy life. I hope everyone can go in peace, healthy and happy! Believe that scientists will be able to developed the vaccine as soon as possible, mobile air sterilizer wish everyone have a happy life, all the best, good health!
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