About PM2 high buildings. Big break 5 concentration distribution and the secret?

by:Funglan     2020-11-20
Today's era, high-rise buildings can be seen everywhere. So there will be such a phenomenon in many commercial housing sales, choose the floor with good air, some believe that more than 8 layers below 12 layer with the worst air pollution, known as Yang ash layer. So is it true? Along with the small make up together and see what truth is? According to the centers for disease control and prevention related experiments show that the different floor PM2. 5 the numerical difference is not big. Main PM2 people's homes. 5 pollution comes from infiltration of pollutants, and indoor decoration coating pollution, caused by human activities such as soot, cigarettes. Experiments by logarithmic floor test hundreds of different heights, and low to 28 floors to the 1st floor. Detection by the same method, Windows and doors will be closed is indoor in the closed state, and then through the instrument testing to get the data, the result detection, according to indoor PM2 the floors. 5 value relatively lower outdoor, but different floor there was no significant difference. Floors air quality is the same, so the indoor air quality has very little to do with floors. The indoor air quality is related to what? On the same floor same under different environmental testing, the results showed that in the near trees green building indoor air quality significantly better than the other buildings of indoor air quality. But the difference is not very big, so in the end we found on high-rise PM2. 5 concentration distribution relationship between floors is not big. How can we solve the problem of indoor air pollution? Small make up recommend a conditional can add a set of air purification disinfection equipment in the home, wall-mounted air disinfector can solve the harm of indoor air pollution and harmful gas. Before we all think that with the worst air quality in 9 to 12 floor layer, then I believe you will find that after today, indoor air quality is the key to our own, all outdoor and indoor pollution source is not but we think. So I hope everyone can healthy and happy, let us act together for health! At the end of the year, the network era of information is everywhere, don't go out to know what's going on in the world. Hope you travel safely, Spring Festival return home trip!
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