About the dust-free workshop is especially important with air disinfection machine?

by:Funglan     2020-10-23
From agriculture to industry and modern science and technology era, with the modern technology development of information technology, more and more manufacturers, so for dust-free workshop requirements also more and more widely used, but also in unceasing enhancement, in order to protect the products during the production from microbial contamination, to maintain its quality. About dust-free workshop USES air disinfection machine is important! What are we together to get to know the dust-free workshop pollution? First of all, from our work clothes, into a dust-free workshop work knows, only two eyes of clean clothes to seal. And into the workshop to disinfect the adsorption of dust and other particles, but still can't avoid the generation of particulate matter, because the person is in body in activity at work, the result will be a bacteria amount. Second is we carry the working file, techniques, tools, etc. , will also carry part for particulate matter, the last is the dust-free workshop reserve products, take a longer raises microbial breeding. Dust-free workshop in food is our most concern, know the so we eat every day, have to cause our attention. Have friends will say, I can not buy, moreover undignified ate have no disease? Yes, in the industry has not yet been born s, soil and water contamination, streams, and water of the pond can not only drink, and people don't need to worry about. But now who will go to drink the water in the river, even the tap water is hot to drink. Now and also can see fish swarms hee hee swim in the river? Can feel the bottom? See only black, or yellow yellow. Digress, return to the topic. In a nutshell, dust-free workshop also need air sterilizer, why do you say that? Let's see dust-free workshop hygiene requirements, whether really need air disinfection machine? 1. Sterile clean room, general food clean level such as wan between sterile operation area, will not be able to set the clean room and with clean is provided between the 2 of the pool. Aseptic workshop of the floors, walls and other keep clean and dry. 3. Food quality not overweight. We look at food dust-free workshop production figure, see whether this thought that we live in a store, convenience stores, food, department stores, supermarkets and so on the source of food. Feel really need to pay attention to safety, health, environment are installed air disinfection machine is the default choice. Will be, the friend say: industrial clean room not have central air conditioning duct ventilation system, also can purify the air. Because dust-free workshop is closed, so we need not only purify air, more important is how we disinfection sterilization, ensure the quality of food. So only a combination of these can achieve more results! Part in real life or are building will be built manufacturers began to install the air disinfection machine, dust-free workshop to purify indoor air disinfection, ensure air quality. products are abundant, fashionable. Convenient movable cabinet, does not occupy a space with decorative wall, ceiling type suction a top partner, and stealth in the construction of the pipeline and a series of air disinfection purification machine. Hope air disinfection machine not only add an insurance to food quality, more can give each a selfless hard worker a comfortable working environment of the fresh air. Also hope you work is smooth, healthy body, all the luck, peace and happiness!
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