About the light of the central air conditioning air disinfector series hydrogen ions in the air

by:Funglan     2020-11-28
About the light of the central air conditioning air disinfector series hydrogen ion air disinfector in central air conditioning air disinfector light sterilizer is a part of hydrogen ions, optical hydrogen ion technology integrated technology and catalytic oxidation decomposition technology, using unique wide band light and super metal catalysts, generates super purification, purification of gas can be quickly comprehensive odor removal bacteria harmful gases, air pollutants such as perfectly the air pure and fresh and clean. A, light hydrogen ions sterilizer product function and characteristics: 1. Efficient to kill bacteria, viruses and harmful organisms; 2. Sterilization no dead Angle, no secondary pollution, low power consumption; 3. Decomposition of benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, ethyl ether, TVOC and other harmful gases; 4. Installation is convenient, flexible opening into fixed at any position, electricity; 5. The external light detect running state, maintenance. Fault prompt functions; 6. Purification by human respiratory, sweat, urine and objects for reactions such as mildew and rot of peculiar smell; 7. Product applications: hospitals, pharmaceutical, food, hotels, conference and exhibition, gymnasium, airports and other public places. Second, the light of hydrogen ion sterilizer advantages: 1. Opening flexible installation, maintenance is convenient; 2. Light can be real-time monitoring work state; 3. Continuous disinfection, operation cost is low; 4. Only need a small amount of electricity to run power operation system; 5. The use of safe, no infrared leak. Light hydrogen ion air disinfector plug-in points round and square, shape and size according to customer requirements make installation, next let's understand the related parameters of the machine installation method. Hope to be able to help them better optical hydrogen ion air disinfector has a deeper understanding, more information, please inquire 7 days 24-hour hotline service.
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