About the use of ozone air disinfector in food factory

by:Funglan     2020-10-19
The food problems about people's health, directly affect People's Daily lives. Any food on the market has its own shelf life, so for our customers is the main standard to determine whether a food is edible. First to see if within the period of validity, have expired. So for the market can see, touch and smell of food, we can judge whether by feel, touch, and smell smell, etc. , whether to choose to buy. So for only manufacturer know food factory production process, so some manufacturers in order to obtain market gains in life, regardless of the consumers' health, do not pay attention to health, some still add pigment, essence and cover up the smell, etc. , we all know that mosquitoes and flies, active bacteria in food or food. So let's know about the use of ozone air disinfector in food factory? Advanced technology and the sterilization equipment are preferred to ensure the food quality and safety products, health environment is particularly important for food workshop, and also the need to pay attention to health issues. Whether life or food workshop, may for consumers, the food in life such as food stalls, in the market for chickens, ducks, pigs, cattle, sheep, etc. If full of mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches in the climb we still dare to buy? Although we don't see food production in food packaging process, but when consumer food quality problems, next time won't buy this brand. Again, remember to eat breakfast dishes, went to a nearby supermarket to buy package under the food, the production date is no problem, also in the warranty period, but after open a thick smell let a person appetite immediately. From then on don't buy that brand of, as to indicate that brand. Hopes to strengthen safety qualified quality testing, the manufacturer may you also have the same experience. Now more and more food factory USES air sterilizer, gradually reduce the food in the process of production to avoid suffering from bacterial secondary pollution in the air, to prevent the total number of colonies to exceed bid guarantee food safety and health has very big help. The market at present, there are many food workshop using air sterilizer, because the ozone has a broad spectrum, efficient, fast, safe, no secondary pollution of antiseptic properties, and the food workshop microbial pollution is a very important factor affecting the quality of products, the use of ozone can not only effectively kill them, and can effectively remove odor workshop. Some food factory installed air purifier, its working process: purification workshop air into the early formation effect, after the formation of air conditioning purification effect, and then to supply air fan form efficient purification, through the pipe to workshop dust particles such as bacteria out of the workshop, so the cycle. Ozone disinfection machine workflow, then look at the ozone air mounted air disinfection disinfection principle: when the indoor air under the transfer of a fan, after is ionization high voltage electric field, semiconductor - 8000 10000 v electric field of air bacteria, spore, lightning strike, after light catalytic kill again, the remaining bacteria in the air is less than 0. About 5%. Semiconductor catalytic transition to the conduction band and valence, electronic - birth trauma Hole, forms the negative oxygen ions ( O2- ) And free radicals ( 哦) Harmful gas, accelerate the oxidation, decomposition, realize semiconductor catalytic effect; Purifying negative ionized air through the semiconductor device, and excessive cation and dust again after the reaction process of the particles collected by the composite filter, to 0. Purification efficiency of 5 microns & ge; 90% ( The class of 100000) ,PM2。 Completely remove 5 microns; Output and fresh air. To kill, not disinfect surfaces effectively control the spread of bacteria and breeding conditions, strict control of food safety and hygiene. Environmental disinfection of science and technology in the food factory has many years of rich experience, with unique disinfection of core technology, and obtain several invention patents. About the use of ozone air disinfector in food factory, first choice, welcome to inquire.
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