About the wind dynamic plasma air disinfection cabinet machine products

by:Funglan     2020-10-26
Mostly used in the practical application in the central air conditioning ventilation system, choose according to actual space wind dynamic plasma air disinfection cabinet volume size, overall customer need space to make a detailed description on their own, businesses can carry on the design and recommend solutions. Installation diagram: what can we learn from the graphic wind cabinet dynamic plasma air sterilizer installation location, working principle, to know the product more clearly, vendors will generally not only provide the corresponding product model size reference for consumer customers, in order to achieve a perfect cooperation and cooperation. According to the product model and parameters can make customers faster know to use what size and volume of wind dynamic plasma air disinfection cabinet. Plasma electrostatic dust removal technology is sterilization through the pressure ionization device low current high voltage pulse power, the formation of ultra high frequency pulse discharge, ground state get enough energy of gas and ion oxide airborne bacteria and viruses. TVOC materials and particle, etc. , in under the action of coulomb force, the dust in the air to the electric displacement integration, realize the air disinfection sterilization, dust purification. Wind dynamic air plasma sterilizer cabinet product function and features: 1. The standardized module design, can according to the air volume, size free combination; 2. Plasma electrostatic module resistance, resistance is less than 30 pa, air volume low loss; 3. With air conditioning equipment linkage, separate control or pneumatic control; 4. Can remove the PM2 in the air. 5, at the same time to kill a large number of bacteria; 5. Product service life is long, the service life of the plasma electrostatic module can reach more than 10 years; 6. Convenient maintenance, no consumables, plasma electrostatic module can be regular cleaning maintenance, effectively reduce air conditioning duct cleaning times; 7. Using plasma physics disinfection purification way, no harm to human body of pure dynamic disinfection technology, safe and efficient environmental protection; 8. Product application: hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, chemical plants, food factory, hotel, exhibition, gymnasium, airports and other public places. Wind dynamic plasma air disinfection cabinet machine parameters: product model power supply voltage and frequency parameters of dimension running environment temperature ( m3 / h) ( mm) ( V/ Hz) ( ℃) VBK - Z - 1500 1500 490*380*210 200V 50HZ - 5 - 45 VBK - Z - 3000 3000 490*760*210 200V 50HZ - 5 - 45 VBK - Z - 4500 4500 980*566*210 200V 50HZ - 5 - 45 VBK - Z - 6000 6000 980*760*210 200V 50HZ - 5 - 45 VBK - Z - 7500 7500 980*945*210 200V 50HZ - 5 - 45 VBK - Z - 9000 9000 980*1140*210 200V 50HZ - 5 - 45 VBK - Z - 10500 10500 980*1392*210 200V 50HZ - 5 - 45 VBK - Z - 12000 12000 980*1520*210 200V 50HZ - 5 - 45 in the central air conditioning air disinfector cabinet stroke dynamic plasma air sterilization machine product information to explain in this article, a comprehensive understanding of its function, characteristics, working principle, parameter, installation way, hope to help everyone in the actual application of the choose and buy, efficiently to make decision and improve the work efficiency!
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