About the winter campus prevent colds are particularly important

by:Funglan     2020-11-24
Believe everyone know peak autumn and winter is cold, so small make up today to speak about winter campus prevent colds is particularly important, why do you say that? We all know that the school is one of personnel intensive place, take the elementary school. Hypothesis from the classroom to grade to grade groups to the total school, we have a budget, even if a class average 30 people, a class five, grade, a grade group has six grade, then add up the total school has a total of 30 classes, a total of 900 students in school. There was still no teachers, school leaders. This is just a very small scale of primary school, just any school in the city kindergarten may are more in number. Let us consider the facilities to school here, with the development of The Times, to raise the level of economic school if the school to provide you with an additional air purification sterilization machine, then can solve the doors and Windows closed because of the cold, winter circulation of air is not circulating bacteria reproduction, leading to a cold damage. And quite to school leadership, teachers, students, and buy a health insurance. Three to let parents more rest assured the child in the school. To say this is for child health, so someone who can speak where have so strangely? A little cold, wouldn't hurt. Surely such people still have a lot in life, I'm sure you won't do that kind of person. Together with the small make up about a cold can cause? First of all, we all know that in December to march is a cold season, then in January to February's critical condition. So we haven't to the time, that's a good thing, that is to say, we can prevent from now on. But, according to the small make up to know, today & other; Wuhan hospital pediatric outpatient service, seats are in short supply, like school & throughout; 。 Look at the picture shown below: this means what? Need not say small make up, as you know, kids resistance is very weak, so there's a little cold, the virus will spread. It is understood that a cold a cough can spread around 100000 a virus, a sneeze contains about 10 million virus; A sneeze droplets will run at 167 kilometers per hour, in a second injection to 6 meters away. Spit on surfaces, people unwittingly after contact, through your nose with your hand, rubbing his eyes, and through the child put his hand and mouth are likely to be infected with the flu. So in the life how should prevent? To education of children pay attention to personal hygiene, wash their hands. Sneeze to apply a handkerchief or paper towel available to cover your mouth and nose, avoid others spittle pollution. Pay attention to a balanced diet, routine, moderate exercise. Etc. Hope to help small make up of everybody to make contribution to the campus to prevent a cold winter, this is really a worthy of attention, and is particularly important. Especially the school and parents are particularly concerned about problems. Hope the children, suffer from colds friends recover at an early date, also hope you happy and healthy!
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