Activated carbon can not only improve organic colloid strengthen net air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2020-10-22
Activated carbon can not only improve organic colloid strengthen air disinfection purification machine with small make up first to get to know under what is activated carbon? The main raw material of activated carbon can be almost all carbon-rich organic materials, such as coal, wood, fruit shell, coconut shell, walnut shell, etc. These carbon materials in the activation furnace, by pyrolysis under high temperature and pressure is converted into activated carbon. Use of activated carbon are improved a lot is related to the impact caused by organic colloid. To illustrate the familiar here we only use detergent summarized experience. If the air through the water column can form bubbles, but almost immediately burst. Shake oil cement liquid, will make the oil formation of small droplets in the water, but stop shaking, two liquid separation. Silt in water in a short period of time only remain suspended. If, however, repeat the test with detergent solution, then, bubble bubble, keep emulsifying oil, of fine suspended in liquid. This is because the detergent in each gas, oil, second particles form a protective layer around, to make them isolated from each other, and prevent them from aggregation to each other. Due to the detergent soluble in water, which made by encase particles remain fixed and suspended in a liquid. This phenomenon is often referred to as protection, can produce many organic colloid, such as gum, pectin, protein, rong lake lead, as well as many synthetic substances. Body is known as the protective colloid, and the call protected particles increase or melting glue melted. Peptizing effect can be seen as a kind of adsorption. In the more familiar role in adsorption was upside down; According to tradition, we believe that in the adsorption of solid pull rong quality solution, but in solid glue lysis was pushed into the liquid. Only when the (peptizing role Such as) Concentration is enough to the solubilization of colloids form around flocculant layer occurs. The so-called critical density. Adding activated carbon to organic solution of the limbs, limb by adsorption, adsorption, if large enough, can make the gel concentration drops below a threshold, then cover the liquid or solid particles was released, and removed from the solution in the subsequent filter. But in some systems, the initial concentrations of colloid is very big, so can't rely on practical carbon is reduced to below the critical value, then still keep body suspension, emulsion or bubble. Actual examples in some levels high enough to be medium wave can glue soluble carbon, in the subsequent filtering cannot make carbon separation from solution. This glue lysis hinders activated carbon in the case of many possible applications. From the past experience of various skills of small developed nine can improve this situation even effect a radical cure. Activated carbon regeneration ability: by adsorption of poisonous and harmful gas molecule is released from the pores of activated carbon process, called active & other; Stripping & throughout; , or activated carbon & other; Regeneration & throughout; 。 The activated carbon & other; Stripping & throughout; Need to be in a specific device, through the thermal regeneration, chemical regeneration of elution, solvent extraction, biological regeneration complicated process to complete. In the natural environment, therefore, was adsorbed on activated carbon micropore of poisonous and harmful gas molecules, it is impossible to leak out. used in the activated carbon can improve its purification disinfection effect, environmental science and technology in medical air disinfection machine products will be equipped with activated carbon filter, according to the requirements of the customer choice and installation and matching.
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