Advantages of Guangxi Mobile Plasma Air Sterilizer-How many cubic meters of room can the Lanning trolley plasma air sterilizer sterilize? -Industry News

by:Funglan     2021-03-09
Advantages of Guangxi Mobile Plasma Air Sterilizer-How many cubic meters of room can the Lanning trolley plasma air sterilizer sterilize? A professional manufacturer trusted by consumers in the Lanning hand-push plasma air disinfection machine (plasma air purification and disinfection machine) market in Lanning, Guangxi, is constantly accelerating the pace of product structure adjustment. The company has launched a mobile plasma air disinfection with multiple specifications and multiple prices. The machine meets the needs of consumers at multiple levels and the use of multiple places. With the development of the market in Changsha, Hunan, it is believed that the cart-type plasma air sterilizer will be known and used by more consumers in Changsha, Hunan, and can truly appreciate the higher cost-effectiveness of the hand-push cart-type mobile air disinfection machine. The working principle of the hand-trolley mobile plasma air purification and disinfection machine: When the air passes through the negative high pressure zone, the bacteria, viruses, dust particles and other pollutants in the air are first charged with high-energy negative charges. When negatively charged bacteria, viruses and other pollutants enter the positive high pressure area, they will be crushed and die when they release negatively charged energy instantly. The sterilization rate reaches 99.99%, thereby achieving the purpose of disinfection and sterilization. The hand-push cart type mobile multifunctional air disinfection machine also has a strong absorption effect on dust particles in the air, and its dust removal rate reaches 96%. The hand-push cart-type mobile dynamic air disinfection machine is installed with activated carbon filters, which can effectively remove and degrade toxic and harmful gases and odors. At the same time, the hand-push cart-type mobile plasma disinfection machine is installed with ozone-free high-intensity ultraviolet rays for synergistic sterilization (can be turned on), which effectively solves the high-pressure area due to long-term use of a large amount of dust particles (not cleaning the honeycomb collection Dust area) and the problem of reduced disinfection and sterilization effect. The hand-push cart-type mobile medical plasma air disinfection machine is equipped with a push-pull rod, which is easy to move, very convenient, and plug and play. It is a more cost-effective product among air disinfection machines. Therefore, the push-trolley mobile medical plasma disinfection machine has been liked by many consumers and has a high degree of market recognition! More hand-push cart-type mobile plasma air sterilizer view: Hand-push cart-type mobile human-machine coexistence air disinfection machine is not only suitable for fixed air purification and disinfection environments, but also suitable for ambulances, field hospitals, etc. Move places. It provides irreplaceable convenience for the environment where a fixed air sterilizer cannot be installed, and is a powerful supplement to the fixed air disinfection machine. In addition, the hand-push cart type mobile man-machine coexistence air disinfection machine has stronger sterilizing power, more stable quality and higher cost performance!
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