After the flood prevention of infectious diseases shall be of the 'four'

by:Funglan     2020-11-21
After the flood prevention of infectious diseases must be done & other; Fourth, we need to & throughout; Flood turned back, and how to prevent the breeding and spread of infectious diseases? To this end, the reporter interviewed the people's liberation army 302 hospital diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases and research center, deputy director of the Qin Enqiang professor. Qin Enqiang said, the key is to do & other; Fourth, we need to & throughout; 。 One, pay attention to diet health security Qin Enqiang said that due to the disaster area during the summer, high humidity, high temperature and the food is very vulnerable to bacteria, mold and all kinds of chemical pollution, so pay attention to food hygiene is very important. First of all, do not eat flooded or polluted by other reasons of flour, noodle, biscuits, bread, etc. ; Don't eat not wash the melon and fruit; Try not to eat cold dishes. Second, strengthen the collective canteens, food ingredients, food hygiene management of the vessel. Take effective measures to prevent food contamination, cut off the pollution the way, don't use non-food packaging and container loading ready-to-eat foods. Strengthen the disinfection tableware, put the clean tableware in boiling water, boil for 5 minutes. Second, must strengthen the environmental water disinfection & other; To fix a flooded public toilets, garbage collection site facilities, and disinfection treatment. ” Qin Enqiang said, waste treatment is bad, easy to pollution water, breeding flies. “ The site temporary toilet, not defecate indiscriminately, in addition, feces to disinfect buried. ” Qin Enqiang stressed that must spray disinfection after dredging of the environment, the bodies of livestock, poultry and other animals killed for flood to clean up and buried or burned in a timely manner. To waste should be handled in a timely manner, combustible material burned as far as possible, after disinfection buried deep. During floods, water vulnerable to pollution of bacteria, virus, parasite eggs and larvae, easy cause the happening of the disease and spread, flood disaster area sanitary water the simplest and most effective method is to drink boiled water, not to drink water. To keep the water clean, water appliances such as cylinder, bucket, pot, pot must be clean, and often empty cleaning. Coagulation precipitation to take when the water turbidity, water clarification, an unknown source of water is best to use disinfection disinfection. Three, to eliminate the post-disaster timely & other; Three evils & throughout; After the heavy rain or flood, flies, mice, and the mosquito start out or breed in great quantities, to bring a lot of diseases. 1. Is the fly, to clean up after water waste corner, completely eliminate flies breeding grounds; Dry in a timely manner to dig, family life rubbish must pay attention to the bag sealed; A fly can adopt strain drug elimination; 2. Is was used, can use a variety of measures such as the mousetrap, stick mouse and rat poison, bear in mind that never use poisonous rat poison. Post-disaster clean environment, plugging rat holes, scattered living garbage is the key to guarantee the deratization effect; 3. Is the mosquito, the mosquito is the key to eliminate all kinds of water, dredge channels, mainly, behind the house yard in the pot of water to remove, especially the beverage bottle, mineral water bottles, quantity side wide should cause more attention; Four, about all kinds of the spread of infectious diseases and other Based on past experience, the flood recede may a week or so is the summit of infectious disease outbreaks. ” Qin Enqiang says, generally after the floods are most likely to outbreaks of disease should be jealous, followed by intestinal infectious disease, contact of infectious disease and vector class infectious diseases. Therefore, to spread from different ways to take different measures. For intestinal infectious diseases, the most main prevention measures is not drinking water, drinking water is clean sanitation. For vector infectious diseases, the most important is clean pile up sundry, draining water, eliminate the breeding ground for in situ vector. “ To prevent contact with infectious diseases, the most important thing is to wash your hands often and at the same time, is not Shared with others wash basin, towel and other health appliances. ” Qin Enqiang repeatedly stressed. It is reported that the floods of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river region, many places are schistosomiasis, high incidence area of leptospirosis and tetanus. For this, Qin Enqiang warned, wading, be sure to apply protective ointment, wearing gloves, a rubber and legs tied tightly cuff, avoid scratch the body, and effectively manage flooded the poultry and livestock.
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