Air disinfection machine 8 big advantage you may not know that

by:Funglan     2020-10-16
As the saying goes: & other; Never too old to learn & throughout; , must have we all heard about this, when I was a child the teacher said, the doyen of said in the home, and sometimes the relatives and friends around all said the same thing. So small make up today and share the air sterilizer 8 big advantage. ( A) Why say man-machine coexistence man-machine coexist? Take the traditional disinfection, early most used and indoor air purification disinfection liquid, such as: 84, insecticide, disinfectant, peracetic acid efficient disinfectant, chlorine optimal net, tincture of iodine, ethanol, potassium permanganate ( PP powder, such as formaldehyde when using are all have certain limitations, and pay attention to when using a lot of security problems, is not only to leave, and after use and ventilation. Gal time spend at least a small bell, it also depends on indoor and ventilated circumstance. With the rise of industry, machinery and technology unceasing enhancement, the coexistence of air disinfection machine in order to realize the man-machine technology, that is to say: in an indoor boot sterilization at the same time, people don't have to avoid, also need not shut the window disinfection, then a window ventilated. For we save time, eliminate harm, to bring health, disinfection disinfection work. ( 2) LED hd LCD display using LED has what effect? We all know that the traditional LCD is also called & other; CCFL” 。 The LED backlight is used to replace a new type of CCFL back light. Why do you want to replace it? What LED back light than CCFL backlight in place? 1. Shine more even for CCFL backlight bulb is usually for U or bar, it is easy to appear uneven light-emitting problem. And LED backlight, due to the different principles of its uniform light distribution, won't worry about the luminous uneven. 2. Longer service life of the ordinary CCFL back light for 50000 hours, and the service life of the LED more than 100000 hours. So using LED back light liquid crystal display after using for a long time, the brightness of the back light attenuation is better than the CCFL backlight. 3. Environmental protection better using CCFL backlight, can never solve & quot; Mercury & quot; The toxic substances, this is determined by its luminous principle. We normally use the daylight lamp has contained & quot; Mercury & quot; Elements, and daylight lamp principle similar CCFL backlight nature also cannot solve this problem. But, LED, there is no this problem. Also, the LED backlit display display more energy efficient than CCFL backlight, with 12. 5 inch monitor, for example, LED back light liquid crystal display power consumption about sixty percent of the CCFL back light display. ( 3) Integral sliding panel provides manual and automatic, timing, three with this function, we can according to their own needs in the life to achieve specified operation function, just as people can manual operation in the home, not at home, the elderly and children can't work so the operating and timing can be started automatically. There are some friends to the high quality demand of living environment, for example, routine is good, you can start timing function, air purification disinfection on a regular basis. To solve the most of the trouble back at home. ( 4) Including three gear speed adjustable boot, press the volume key to low, medium and high three levels: circulating air ( Disinfection status to the maximum air volume) , can according to your daily needs, which can adjust the gear. Can solve the problem of a single operating cycle, improve the quality of the indoor sterilization. ( 5) Intelligent alarm prompt adopted the latest intelligent alarm prompt, high pressure alarm, light is not bright, the air volume is small, flicker, sensor sensitivity is low, the device does not work, and so on and so forth will alert for the first time, improve the safety of users. ( 6) Intelligent remote monitoring management this is like the television remote control, but it's much more advanced than remote control, because the air disinfection machine not only has LED hd LCD display, and the remote control is adopted LED hd LCD display. Allows you to use when feeling everything is under control. ( 7) Don't disturb open don't disturb save electricity, save electricity design is like people's breath, changes with the change of oxygen in the air to breathe. Air disinfection same chance as the air disinfection and use time automatically adjust the screen brightness, have played an important role in energy conservation and environmental protection. ( Eight) Reset to factory Settings have in what kind of trouble in the process of using the reset function, or after maintenance, product reset, check, when confirmed after good electricity power supply plug, can be turned on to observe product light is no exception, finished product maintenance. Very glad to share and learn together, grow together, the hope can give you in the use of air disinfection machine can make a reference.
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