Air disinfection machine-air disinfection machine-style classification

by:Funglan     2021-03-18
Ningxia Air Sterilizer-Ningxia Air Sterilizer-Type Classification No matter the size of Ningxia Hospital, there are a variety of patients, including many infectious Ningxia patients. This shows the air environment in the large and small blood stations in Ningxia It is easily contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms. In order to reduce the incidence of nosocomial infections in Ningxia blood stations, all major Ningxia blood stations must take measures such as air purification, disinfection and sterilization. This requires the blood stations to use air disinfection machines to continuously purify, disinfect and sterilize the air in the major blood stations in Ningxia. . Now the manufacturer introduces the product classification of air disinfection machines for blood stations, hoping to help the leaders of Ningxia Hospital in purchasing disinfection machines. In the Ningxia blood station air disinfection machine market, the sales of disinfection products produced by manufacturers are relatively hot. The air disinfection machine used in the Ningxia blood station can be divided into wall-mounted (wall-mounted, wall-mounted, and wall-mounted) from the installation method. Type (mobile type, hand-push type), cabinet type (vertical type, cabinet type), ceiling type (ceiling type, ceiling type, recessed type) and other product categories. The air disinfection machine used in Ningxia blood station is based on the disinfection factor. Divided into: ultraviolet air disinfection machine, plasma air disinfection machine (alias multifunctional air disinfection machine) and other product categories. The air sterilizer used in the blood station in Ningxia is divided into product categories such as 800m3/h, 1000m3/h, 1300m3/h, 1500m3/h, etc. in terms of air volume. The air sterilizer used in Ningxia blood station is further divided into product categories according to applicable volume: 80m3, 100m3, 120m3, 150m3 and so on. The air disinfection machine for Ningxia blood station developed by the manufacturer has the following characteristics: 1. Dynamic air disinfection and sterilization, Ningxia blood station can realize air disinfection under the coexistence of man and machine, and escort the improvement of air quality for Ningxia blood station. 2. The use of combined multiple disinfection and sterilization technology can effectively prevent cross-infection of bacteria in Ningxia blood station and block the spread of viruses. 3. The air disinfection machine used in the Ningxia blood station can filter and purify the air. In addition to the rapid sterilization and disinfection function without dead corners, it can also filter out various peculiar smells in the air in the Ningxia blood station and remove the air in the Ningxia blood station. Harmful gases also restore the healthy breathing environment of major hospitals in Ningxia. Keywords of this site: | Dynamic air disinfection machine | Medical air disinfection machine | Plasma air disinfection machine | Ultraviolet air disinfection machine
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