Air disinfection machine (air purification and disinfection machine) for food factories-innovation is the key'

by:Funglan     2021-02-26
(air purification and disinfection machine) for food factory-innovation is the key' (air purification and disinfection machine) for food factory is getting a new look and full of vitality. Along the way, people have deep feelings: through innovation in food factory air The supply structure of disinfection machine (air purification and disinfection machine) promotes the transformation and upgrading, and takes the road of innovation. And the road of innovation is the key to talent. Excellent talents are the realization of innovative food factory air disinfection machines (air purification The basis of the supply structure of the disinfection machine is the driving force for the transformation and upgrading. Scientific talent training methods, effective incentive mechanisms, fair competition platforms, and broad career development space are used to recruit talents in human resources. Intensify efforts in terms of “employment, use, and retention”, and constantly optimize the quality structure of personnel. Let every employee fully embody their self-worth in this collective, and achieve the greatest fit between personal career planning and corporate development goals. Growth. The company respects the corporate values u200bu200bof 'innovation, transcendence; integrity, responsibility, cooperative spirit; happy work, healthy lifeThe company’s wealthThe common development and progress of the enterprise. The air disinfection machine (air purification and disinfection machine) used in food factories-'with international competitiveness' The domestic air sterilizer (air purification and disinfection machine) used in the food factory could not enter the international market many years ago, and the West Manufacturers in developed countries are always lagging behind. In particular, the international market for air disinfection machines (air purification and disinfection machines) used in high-end food factories has been occupied by manufacturers in western developed countries. In recent years, many domestic manufacturers have successfully launched Enter the international market of sterilizers and pay more attention to the development of the international sterilizer market.    Entering the international sterilizer market, technological innovation is the key, and the technology of air sterilizers (air purification sterilizers) used in domestic food factories is now becoming more mature. Break through the development bottleneck, drive development with innovation, improve the core competitiveness of sterilizers, and continue to promote the strategy of going out in recent years.    Air sterilizers (air purification sterilizers) used in food factories in China have been developed for many years, and products are constantly innovating. Through improvement The core competitiveness of disinfection machines makes China's technology for producing disinfection machines basically reach the international advanced technology.   In the era of global integration, many foreign companies have entered the air sterilizer (air purification and disinfection machine) market for food factories in China, and domestic disinfection machine manufacturers Entering the international disinfection machine market, the high degree of market integration has brought huge development opportunities for domestic disinfection machine manufacturers. Foreign disinfection machine technology is constantly innovating, and product performance is becoming more and more superior. In addition, foreign disinfection machine manufacturers started earlier than us Many. This phenomenon is both a good phenomenon and a bad phenomenon. If in such a fiercely competitive market for disinfection machines, domestic disinfection machine manufacturers can seize the opportunity and focus more on consumption. The research and development, production and continuous improvement of poison machines will surely occupy the leading position in the disinfection machine market. To improve the international competitiveness of medical air disinfection machines (air purification and disinfection machines), domestic disinfection machine manufacturers must first focus on the domestic market share of disinfection machines, ensure that enterprises occupy an important position in the domestic market, and improve disinfection machine technology. Go to the international sterilizer market and occupy the international sterilizer market.
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