Air disinfection machine civilization health city where to start

by:Funglan     2020-10-20
Civilization health city where to start now the emergence and spread of high-speed trains, not only brings to the national people's travel traffic time spent on more and more convenient, more highlights the level of science and technology and the comprehensive national strength has increased in China. Pieces, the ministry of railways is special rules and regulations promulgated, management regulations in public places, environment supervision department, and so on also cause us a lot of psychological puzzle and mobility. However, compared with the previous train, train, train management system more GouKe, rigorous. High-speed whole vehicle ban all the way, to ensure a train staff and passengers' physical and mental health and life and property. So why smoking? With air disinfection machine below small make up the reason why we see high-speed ban: it is reported that on January 1, 2014, the State Council has promulgated on smoking column ordinance, restrictions on a lot of people, especially for passengers who smoke like a chimney, the entire train smoking is really bad for them. First of all, don't need to say more, smoking is harmful to health, not to mention for secondhand smoke harm have how old, is only for smokers themselves, on average every one cigarette can shorten the life of 11 minutes. This is such a fear of Numbers. And in such a special environment, smoking is indispensable. Second, high-speed train running speed, sealing heads, vehicle equipment is sensitive to smoke, the flame, in order to ensure the absolute safety of operation, high iron installed multiple fault sensor and smoke alarm, when the alarm detection to move the car smoke concentration in the air reaches a certain value, it will alarm and automatically slow down even emergency stop operation, to ensure the passengers to escape when the fire broke out, and once appear, caused by smoking train run slow or emergency stop, on the one hand, will directly endanger the safety of emu, can cause undue delay the train on the other hand, may also affect the subsequent trains were running, therefore, smoking is forbidden in the high-speed rail is also an inevitable choice. See that we all can understand why the country to implement high-speed ban, but we can't believe that only high iron to the smoking ban, more hope our living environment is pure and fresh and natural health, so in the civilized society, around us there are many models has quit smoking and drinking. Even three hundred and forty years old smokers smoking and no longer touch the smoke in just a few months. This is a kind of protection to the health of themselves and their families, also is a kind of courage, for their own is to shoulder a responsibility. Now the era of life is a spiritual civilization era of life, in as much as possible to satisfy his own material civilization at the same time, we should pay more attention to improve their spiritual civilization and the comprehensive quality? Civilization is travel, we have always advocated, and the pursuit, and the pursuit is to rely on all of us can consciously abide by the implementation of as soon as possible, as a new era, we should pay attention to the details of life, the quality of travel, become a has the quality of person! Developed countries patent air disinfection purification machine wall, cabinet, air sterilizer type suction a top and pipeline, the wind cabinet, combined car air conditioner disinfection purifier device, suitable for all kinds of poor air quality, and can effectively solve the governance indoor air by the serious pollution of the public, thus high-speed trains is our products, but also more than enough. Sensitive topic for the modern people smoking, our environment company will to smoking environmental movement way, support and safeguard the state of one each in the field, every place of the air quality index reached a good level above!
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