Air disinfection machine controls the spread of bacteria in the air

by:Funglan     2021-04-01
The air disinfection machine can effectively control the spread of bacteria in the air. The biggest role of the air sterilizer is to reduce the spread of pathogens and bacteria in the way of transmission. It is mainly used in environments where air quality and bacterial concentration need to be controlled, such as surgery in a hospital. It can be used in hospitals, wards, treatment rooms, infusion halls, industrial food factories, clean rooms, commercial offices, hotels, shopping malls, etc. The air sterilizer has a good control effect on the spread of infectious diseases and bacteria in the hospital by disinfecting and purifying pathogens in the air, and also plays a vital role in the prevention of air pollution in the hospital. Under static conditions, the disinfection machine can eliminate the natural bacteria in the air over 90%. Nowadays, there are many kinds of air disinfection machines on the market. For example, there are more wall-mounted air disinfection machines in hospitals. Compared with the other two products, wall-mounted air disinfection machines are more economical. There are many outpatient departments and wards in hospitals. Appropriately, some special departments or small outpatient clinics mostly choose mobile and ceiling-mounted ones, which are space-saving and economical, and the style is relatively novel.
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