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by:Funglan     2021-03-10
Many people may not be able to imagine that, on the surface, the house where everyone lives is clean and tidy. In fact, the air pollution in the house is 2 to 5 times higher than that of the outdoors, and the situation is even tens of thousands of times higher. Indoor air quality Anaerobic fermentation granular sludge comes from the following two levels: First, when everyone talks and sprays nose, the oral cavity is parasitic, and the throat area of u200bu200banaerobic fermentation granular sludge will be spread into the air according to the spraying method; The second is body white film and floating dust. According to calculations, the average total number of germs on each white film can be related to the body thematic activities in the room. Many people think that fresheners can not only improve indoor air quality, but also purify indoor air and bacteria. However, according to authoritative experts, although fresheners can hide obvious odors, they cannot completely remove rancid chemicals in the air and will also cause secondary pollution. To eliminate germs, the following methods can be used for indoor disinfection. Maintaining adequate ventilation and cleaning in the room. Air disinfection can effectively improve the hospital's indoor air quality and disinfection. In addition, it can also purify the indoor gas according to the activated carbon filter device, and the negative oxygen ion generator can remove the actual effect of the gas. It is a valuable commodity for disinfection and purification of indoor gas. Since there are many outpatient staff in the hospital and walk more often, the staff can also deal with antibacterial reasonably when they arrive. This type of air sterilizer is the best choice at this stage, so that indoor air quality can be qualified without harming work , It also improves the efficiency of treatment. Ozone Sterilizer This brand uses the basic principle of active oxygen caused by lightning strike charging, uses gas as raw material, and uses steep-change charging technology to release high concentration of active oxygen. The results show that this method is a simple and effective way of cleaning vapor in the room In terms of indoor air product quality standards, the standards are 96.4% and 99.5% respectively. The negative oxygen ions turn on the air negative ion generator, and use the electrostatic field to digest and absorb specific smoke and dust and floating anaerobic fermentation granular sludge particles. Ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection The air sterilizer of the fresh air system is composed of ultra-wearable ultraviolet sterilization lamps and filtering devices. It can not only kill the anaerobic fermentation granular sludge in the air, but also remove the floating dust in the air reasonably. Design air pollution sources such as indoor formaldehyde and harmful substances. Generally speaking, it can be opened to the public after half an hour to ensure disinfection and sterilization regulations. In the equipment, there is no active oxygen high penetration ultraviolet sterilization lamp, and the ultraviolet sterilization lamp is hidden in the mechanical equipment, so it can be sterilized in the geographical environment of many people.
Collectively, the effect of air sterilizer on industrial society has been to eliminate custom air cleaners and drastically reduce the time long associated with custom air cleaners.
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