Air disinfection machine how to choose and how to maintain the air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2020-11-05
The average person to buy air disinfection machine will put special emphasis on the brand of products, price, reputation. The average person is also think so, since the new gb out of the air purifier, consumers focus by the parameters of the air disinfection machine products, if there is a sign of new gb. Believe that as long as got a late air disinfection machine easy, in fact this idea is not correct. Product parameters is important but the product of the late maintenance and maintenance is very important. Buy a big house as usual but I do not care, if you can't make, care maintenance, a lot of things lost the value of its existence. , a few thousand dollars spent, late if you don't considerate carefully, in use process its disinfection purification effect is negligible. The most important thing is to replace filter. Consumers in the process of use if you can't change in time, not only has no disinfection purification effect, but is more likely to become a source of secondary pollution. Brands purifier need to change screen time length is differ, expert proposal, can see the dirty degree, screen if the screen is white, use after a period of time even darkened, and the back will have to be replaced. In addition, can also according to the outlet of the wind speed. At this point, of course, is the conscience manufacturers, products with monitoring function, any fault, the device needs to be replaced will be prompt. Second, use for a long time air disinfection opportunity which reduces the carbon dioxide concentrations, in the serious fog weather, ventilated is still necessary. At the same time, the device is difficult to solve the problem of the purification of the family, one is the best choice in each room. Need to remind consumers that the air sterilization machine standard by the applicable area is under the maximum wind speed measurement, actually keep the maximum wind speed use frequency is not high, so let's pay more attention at ordinary times the size of the air volume. If the air volume very small at this time will pay attention to, is likely to be the filter net was blocked by a screen pack too many stolen goods. A problem, it is possible that the motor speed is too slow. At that time if you don't know the check, so don't remove the product. You can contact our customer service staff to solve this problem. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air disinfection machines, air disinfection machine common problems, etc
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