Air disinfection machine-how to use air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-03-01
Tianjin air disinfection machine-how to use air disinfection machine Smart air disinfection machine-sensory control Tianjin air disinfection machine is very effective for improving the air quality in the hospital. A hospital is a place where bacteria, viruses and various microorganisms have high frequency activities. Large and small hospitals will install and use circulating wind ultraviolet disinfection/, and use it at high frequency in major hospitals. So how to regulate the use of ultraviolet air disinfection machine ‖ plasma air disinfection machine is particularly important. Now I will introduce the specifications for the use of intelligent ultraviolet air disinfection machine-sensory plasma medical air disinfection machine, so as to return new and old customers across the country. Support and love. Ⅰ. The air disinfection machine produced is divided into ultraviolet air disinfection machine and plasma air disinfection machine. Ⅱ. Wall-mounted (wall-mounted, wall-mounted) Tianjin air disinfection machine ‖Medical air purification disinfection machine and ceiling type (ceiling type, ceiling type, embedded) Tianjin air sterilizer, medical air disinfection machine need to be in accordance with ' Instruction Manual' installation, mobile (push type, cart type) air sterilizer, medical air sterilizer and cabinet type (vertical, cabinet type) Tianjin air sterilizer ‖ medical air sterilizer does not need to be installed, plug in the power supply It can be used directly afterwards. Ⅲ. Installation requirements: install air disinfection machine ‖ medical air disinfection machine according to the requirements of the 'Instruction Manual, Power supply (220V±22V, 50HZ±1HZ). Ⅳ. Intelligent ultraviolet Tianjin air disinfection machine-sensing control plasma medical air disinfection machine use method: suitable for air purification and disinfection under human or unmanned conditions. Use strictly in accordance with the 'Instruction Manual'. Static disinfection without unattended operation: Automatically run 2-3 times a day, each time for 60-120min. It is generally set at 6-8 am before work in the morning, 12-14 am before work in the afternoon, and 24:00-2 pm at night. Dynamic disinfection in the presence of people: To reduce secondary pollution to the air in the disinfected room during personnel activities, the disinfection machine is set to intelligent operation mode. Ⅴ. Precautions for the use of ultraviolet air disinfection machine ‖ plasma air disinfection machine: ① Check whether various functions and setting parameters on the control panel and display screen of the disinfection machine are normal. ②. Keep the airtightness of the disinfection room before disinfection, and keep the cleanliness of the disinfection room. ③ There should be no obstructions at the air inlet and outlet of the disinfector. It is strictly prohibited to use the disinfection machine in flammable and explosive environment. Ⅵ. Maintenance and cleaning requirements of dynamic air disinfection machine: ⑴. The power plug of the disinfection machine should be unplugged before cleaning and maintenance, and the electrical system of the disinfection machine should not be damp during cleaning. (2) The cleaning of the outer surface of the disinfection machine and the air inlet panel is performed by the operator on a regular basis. ⑶. The filter of the disinfection machine: clean once every six months, and once every quarter if the pollution is serious. Related news reading recommendations: Related search terms click: Jilin air disinfection machine-Jilin air machine-unpacking acceptance, installation and requirements air disinfection machine Hohhot air disinfection machine-Hohhot air disinfection machine-manufacturer price / how much dynamic air sterilizer Ningxia -Ningxia air disinfection machine-style classification UV air disinfection machine Shaanxi air disinfection machine / Shaanxi air disinfection machine-how to maintain the cleaning machine plasma air disinfection machine Jinan air disinfection machine-Jinhuaxin Jinan air disinfection machine troubleshooting method medical air disinfection machine
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