Air disinfection machine in the application of Internet cafes

by:Funglan     2020-11-08
in the application of Internet cafe Internet cafe it is generally very much, and crowded, and the average residence time is very long. Ventilation is generally poor, and most there is no smoking rule. A variety of reasons cause indoor air pollution is serious, sometimes even unbearable, if not smoking, air pollution is very serious, Internet cafes will produce a lot of bacterial growth. In Internet cafes belongs to the youth is more, so we also hope that relevant Internet cafes and other new public health standards issued and enforced as soon as possible, take drug, banned yellow as the strength of the air against Internet cafe killer of teenagers. In addition to the above hope relevant agencies of policy, but also can be used to adopt advanced technology of indoor air disinfection purification, let air quality meet health requirements in the Internet bar is not difficult, basically see special promote awareness of the relevant government department in charge of the leadership and the operators. According to the characteristics of Internet cafes air pollution can take the following measures: 1, a total ban, set smoking room, put an end to people smoking in public places, smoking room to purify and exhaust system, the indoor air pressure should be negative pressure. 2, air conditioning and ventilation system installation purification disinfection device. 3, introducing enough air, an hour to introduce new wind force should be 4 ~ 6 times the size of the space. Introducing the air should be handled. 4, set purification ventilation system, circulation of air volume air changes per hour for space volume of more than 10 times. You can choose & other; Environment & brand throughout; Big air volume embedded air disinfector or movable type suction a top air sterilizer. 5, two in the morning and evening with a wet towel to wipe disinfection of all surfaces, to increase the number to wipe. 6, regular morning with wet mop wipe the floor with disinfectant disinfection, can increase the wipe the number. Air disinfection purification is imperative in Internet cafes, there are many management aware of the problem, we just got a call from two days ago, want to install our air disinfection purification devices in the Internet bar, the main purpose is to sterilization purify indoor environment, give consumers a health environment. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air sterilizer, air purification, air disinfection purification machine, etc
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