Air disinfection machine is the embodiment of advanced disinfection technology

by:Funglan     2021-03-03
is the embodiment of advanced disinfection technology. First, let us give a few examples, such as: formaldehyde and benzene series pollution after new house decoration; outdoor car exhaust and other air pollution; such as dust, smoke and other inhalable particles It can be called air pollution, and the way to reduce this kind of air pollution through certain means or methods is called air disinfection. For different occasions, air disinfection has different meanings. Next, the editor will list three of them. :    1. Hospital: Effectively control the secondary pollution caused by the air flow between departments and wards, reduce the secondary cross-infection between the patient and the caregiver, the patient and the medical staff, and make the patient recover quickly .  2. Factory: Air disinfection is used in the production of food, cosmetics, medicine, etc., to prevent secondary pollution by bacteria in the air during production, cooling, filling and inner packaging, and to ensure product quality and safety.  3. Family: To avoid bad indoor air aggravating many additional burdens on the human immune system, causing physical loss, reducing productivity and work efficiency, and promoting human physical and mental health. Generally speaking, air disinfection can be divided into two different methods, one is dynamic disinfection and the other is static disinfection. The two have their own different characteristics: 1. Dynamic disinfection: The selected disinfection product has no effect on the human body. For any hazards, personnel do not need to leave the disinfection place during air disinfection, and there is no side effect. This disinfection method is called dynamic disinfection.  2. Static disinfection: The selected disinfection product has direct or indirect damage to the human body. When disinfecting the air, personnel need to be equipped with protective measures. Others cannot stay in the space being disinfected. This disinfection method is called static disinfection. After understanding the relevant information about air disinfection, the editor recommends an air disinfection machine launched by Nanchang Yangfan Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. This air disinfection machine can effectively remove indoor air in addition to conventional sterilization and disinfection functions. Organic pollutants such as formaldehyde, phenol, etc., can also kill or filter allergens such as pollen. At the same time, it can effectively remove smoke and smoke generated by smoking, bad odors from toilets, and human body odors. The air disinfection machine is an advanced disinfection equipment that does no harm to the human body. It is mainly used for synchronous dynamic disinfection and disinfection when someone is working. In recent years, with the development of technology, it has been widely used in some large food, In addition to the packaging, cooling and filling links of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other enterprises, the air sterilizer is also suitable for the following industries and occasions: 1. Food and beverage factories: production workshops, packaging workshops, sterile rooms, etc.; 2. Pharmaceuticals Factory: sterile rooms, laboratories, etc.;   3, public places: schools, offices, hotels, nursery classrooms, dormitories, homes, meeting rooms, etc.;   4, hospitals: operating rooms, delivery rooms, baby rooms, premature infant rooms, supplies Aseptic area, burn ward, intensive care unit, infusion room, hemodialysis room, general ward, etc.
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