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by:Funglan     2020-11-12
maintenance here the production of semiconductor air disinfection machine, is different from the other properties of the air sterilization machine on the market, characteristic is obvious, disinfection completely no residue, no consumables, affordable. Small make up found a lot of people ignored of equipment maintenance, easy to overlook, lead to equipment prone to failure, small make up today for you to introduce common how to be good for air disinfection machine maintenance. 1, keep the equipment clean and dry. Wipe the surface regularly don't direct contact with water or rinse. Don't close to 2, object of work, or hand disinfection machine ventilation inlet and outlet; When transporting, loading and unloading shall be to prevent the product hard knock or fall on the ground. 3, found abnormal problem, turn the power off and pull out the plug, notify the relevant personnel maintenance. 4, using the total time of 1000 hours, clean filter cloth with uv lamp; Lamp use up to 5000 hours to change. Above 5, the product can't more than cover, the landlord took turns to nudge light disinfection purification. 6, in accordance with the manual installation operation, pay attention to electricity safety. 7,,, cleaning and maintenance, unplug the power plug, prevent to get an electric shock. 8, filters need to be cleaned once every six months, severe pollution cleaning once every 3 month. We have a lot of things in life, if you don't pay attention to the usual maintenance and maintenance, easy to rust, long period of time after maintenance and love will for a long time, equipment is the same, if not sparing the life of the equipment will lower, its performance will decline, affect work efficiency, the regular maintenance work is to ensure the normal use of air disinfection machine. There are two points in use is need to pay attention to remind everybody, first cannot use hyperspace, or it will affect disinfection purification effect, short of the ideal air quality. Second device used to close the doors and Windows to achieve the best effect, if open the doors and Windows, outside air has come in, liquidity is too strong, the effect is not good. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air sterilizer, air purification disinfection machine, air disinfection purification machine, etc
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