Air disinfection machine overcomes the medical ozone disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2020-10-25
overcomes the medical ozone disinfection machine need to pay attention to matters as the saying goes: ensemble, situation. Ozone disinfection disinfection purification industry, too, such as machine can't achieve the man-machine coexist, dynamic air sterilizer can realize man-machine coexist, and static and dynamic. Take a look at below medical ozone disinfection machine using three matters needing attention. Ozone disinfection machine note: 1. Ensure medical ozone sterilizer gas drying: due to the ionization is to use high pressure discharge O2, so must be guaranteed absolute gas dry, otherwise it will burn discharge tube. Each downtime for more than a week, 12 hours must first purge the reboot system, absolutely can't make water back into the generator, drying machine, nor to make wet air into the generator. 2. Ensure the normal supply of medical ozone disinfection machine cooling water, cooling water is very important for the normal operation of the ozone generator, suitable for cooling water is not only affect the output of O3, and is a prerequisite for normal operation of generator. 3. Medical ozone disinfection machine must always pay attention to safety, when using ozone is used as the raw material gas, because it has the characteristics of combustion and accelerate combustion, therefore if ventilation is not good, equipment internal or external pipeline leak, or open the oxygen system can make oxygen concentration rise to dangerous levels. Higher oxygen concentrations increased fire hazard. To this end, specifically prohibit open flame, tarps, are not allowed to be used with oxygen exposure equipment don't contact with oil or butter. Looked at the ozone disinfection machine we found from the disinfection perspective: thorough sterilization, leave no dead Angle. But from the application security, man-machine not save, contact for a long time can damage human body health. So what need to consider when choosing to use used in space, make sure you use space is sparsely populated, high demands on space sterilization. So what's the function medical air disinfection machine? The function of medical air sterilization machine: ( 1) High intensity ultraviolet light inside machine function; ( 2) In the function of remote control, wind speed is high, low, choice; ( 3) Programmable timing system, automatic disinfection can be set period of time; ( 4) Strongly activated carbon filter can realize deodorization function; ( 5) : the fresh air with anion generator can remove the peculiar smell in the air; ( 6) Laminar flow filtration system: the early effect and the effect of filter, can effectively remove the particles in the air, dust; ( 7) Intelligent control: application of gases, particles, a variety of sensing technology such as oxygen, to realize automatic start-up and shutdown control; ( 8) Optional configuration: using remote central control system, one operating dozens of devices, to give you a new experience of operating experience. Medical air sterilizer is suitable for the hospital operating room, delivery room, baby room, premature sterile area, burn ward room, supply room, intensive care unit, general ward; Home users; There are used in: 1. Commercial, office, government buildings, underground shopping malls, Banks, securities, commercial buildings, etc. ; 2. Factory, paint factory, following enterprise, electronics factory, chemical plant, pharmaceutical factory, cosmetics factory, food factory, etc. 3. Public places: high bus station, subway station, MTR station, railway stations, airports, hotels, supermarkets, libraries, etc.
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