Air disinfection machine price range

by:Funglan     2021-03-29
Air disinfection machines have gradually become popular in the market and can be used in many places, especially in places with high air requirements such as hospitals. In addition to the disinfection and purification effect of everyone’s concern, the price of equipment is also a lot of consumption. For those concerned, the plasma air disinfection machine manufacturer introduces the price of the air sterilizer and how much it costs. At present, there is no uniform standard for the price of air disinfection machines on the market. There are thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of dollars. The price range on the market is very wide, causing many consumers to be confused when buying and do not know the price. It’s better to buy. How much does it cost to buy an air disinfection machine? The price range of air disinfection machines. There are mainly three common air disinfection machines on the market:   1. Wall-mounted air sterilizer, the price is about 5000 -About 7000 yuan 2. Ceiling type air disinfection machine, the price is about 6000-10000 yuan 3. Mobile air sterilizer, the price is about 8000-12000 yuan The above price provided by plasma air disinfection machine manufacturers, just for everyone For reference, remind customers that they still have to shop around and judge from the three aspects of air sterilizer principle, function, effect, and price. You can also conduct on-site inspections to get a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturers. Welcome to buy our air sterilizer.
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