Air disinfection machine principle and purpose

by:Funglan     2020-11-04
One, the introduction of air sterilizer principle and USES air sterilizer, namely to disinfect the air sterilization machine. In addition to kill bacteria, viruses, mold, spores, such as the so-called sterilization, some models can also remove the formaldehyde in the indoor air, phenol and so on organic pollutant, but also can kill or filtering pollen allergy source, etc. At the same time, the tobacco smoke, and smoke, bad smell of toilet, body odor, remove. Second, the principle of sterilization using bipolar plasma electrostatic field to the negatively charged bacterial decomposition and break, polarization and the dust adsorption, combination drugs dipping type activated carbon, static electricity grid, photocatalytic secondary sterilization filtration components, such as catalytic device after processing of clean air a large number of fast circulation flow, keep controlled environment in & other; Sterile clean room & throughout; Standard. Three, sterilization effect fast thorough sterilization, the natural bacteria in air sterilization rate reached 100%, 30 minutes to e. coli, s. glucose bacteria, candida albicans 40 minutes to reach more than 99%. 45 minutes on settlement of air bacteria & le; 15 CFU/dish & bull; 30 min, floating in the air bacteria & le; 800 / m&sup 3; 300000 grades, clean air, ISO9 level standard) Above, can achieve the highest level. Four, classification, according to the requirements of purifying air purifying machine can be divided into ( 1) Purity ( 2) Humidifying purification ( 3) Intelligent ( 4) Vehicle type ( 5) Desktop ( 6) Large and medium-sized ( 7) Central KongDiaoXing five 1, pregnant women, children, applicable people a family to decorate gens office gens old patients with respiratory disease driver hospital six, application: 1, enterprises and institutions, public enterprise sewage treatment, community property management company, cinemas, etc. 2, breeding, planting industry: basket, appliances, indoor air, water and sanitation. 3, food processing, preservation and transportation industry, for food, fruits, vegetables, eggs, Chinese herbal medicine, meat and drinking water sterilization rate above 99%, complete food safety standards. 4, factory production and processing requirement industry: the production workshop, packing workshop, garage, overalls, etc. 5, water treatment industry: ( 1) Water treatment ( 2) Swimming pool water treatment ( 3) Aquaculture water treatment ( 4) Industrial wastewater treatment 6, mobile air sterilizer is suitable for various automotive beauty ( Clean) Nursing around the shop, automotive supplies sales company, the taxi company, passenger service company, bus company and other units used for various vehicles daily disinfection in addition to flavor, sterilization in addition to mold, cleaning and maintenance purposes.
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