Air disinfection machine technology have? Together to see

by:Funglan     2020-10-12
About the air disinfection technology, small make up to tell you about someone must have said, this I know. Yes, do you know some, but relatively scattered. There, for example: know the ozone disinfector, plasma air sterilization machine, fan coil units, air purification equipment, air supply type central air conditioning air disinfector, air conditioning unit, air purification equipment, central air conditioning wind ark purification disinfection equipment, air purification disinfection machine, wall-mounted type suction a top medical air sterilizer, dynamic air disinfection cabinet, air disinfection purifier, fan coil units, air purifier and so on 84 disinfectant, medical sterilization disinfectant, disinfectant, laundry detergent, household detergent, and household detergent, laundry detergent, disinfectant spray disinfectant, underwear, etc. , to see if this is like these, as you know, there are also many life, isn't worth mentioning. But small make up today want to say is, in fact, it's not that complicated. Look small make up slowly, together: air disinfection technology points: chemical and physical disinfection disinfection technology. 1 a, chemical disinfection technology. 2 fumigation formaldehyde gas. Hydrogen peroxide spray disinfection 3. Acetic acid peroxide aerosol disinfect 4. Ozone disinfection 5 gas. The chlorine dioxide gas 1 second, the physical disinfection disinfection technology. 2 ventilation and cleaning. Filter the aseptic 3. High voltage electrostatic aseptic 4. Plasma disinfection 5. Ultraviolet disinfection air disinfection technology is summarized above, for understanding, only for reference! !
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