Air disinfection machine type suction a top characteristics and application fields

by:Funglan     2020-10-21
type suction a top characteristics and application field of air disinfection pause type suction a top with antibacterial mouldproof filter, circulating fan, plasma electrostatic field, uv lamp, photocatalytic and negative ion generator and air purification machine in the composition of intelligent controller. People development of industrial technology, gas emissions in the atmosphere pollution more and more, as a moment so air is to us, how vital it is to clean the air. Outside air we don't have much ability to control, but we can use air indoor air disinfection machine to improve. For indoor environment space is small, do not take a place of air sterilizer type suction a top is a good choice for you. type suction a top product features: 1. Plasma electrostatic swiftness, high and low voltage electric field sterilization, in addition to smoke, in addition to flavor, purify air, energy saving, environmental protection and economy; 2. Smallpox embedded installation, luxurious and elegant, a into a, purify air repetition can reach all corners; 3. Choose leading aerospace skills of three-dimensional spiral blades, a useful cutting machine inside the air resistance, the lowest noise operation; 4. Special protection against trouble of metal, and can prevent electromagnetic disturb; 5. Service life for up to 15 years; Low material, low energy consumption, large amount of dust and repeat cleaning cycle is long, protection facilities; 6. Low noise, large cycle wind speed high, medium and low three gears to pick; 7. Utility ( Sterilization, dust removal, purification, to smell) Integrated air handling system; 8. Panel, remote control and wall panel operation two layers of function, brief, convenient; Punctuality, active two homework forms arbitrarily selected; 9. According to the needs of customers is not the same as Cui Hua can be mounted to the light, purple light lamp, in addition to the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, benzene mesh; type suction a top application areas: 1. Machine advantages: the concealed installation on the smallpox, beautiful and easy, disinfection effect is better, four plates out of the wind, to solve the single side out of the wind straight body discomfort, air circulation, faster, more thorough disinfection; Can greatly enhance the overall image of the diagnosis and treatment unit and hardware facilities of the high-tech content; 2. Installation environment, can let the user choose the unit of full use of the model, or installed in a sterile environment demand is high and large area of the need to install more than one room is applicable. For example: the health care system: hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, operating rooms, wards, blood stations, electronic clean rooms, laboratories, etc. ; Factory room: electronics factory, GuangXueChang, plastic hardware factory, cosmetics factory, food factory, clean finished product workshop, etc. ; Write a word: telecom, government offices, meeting rooms, banking, securities, unit, etc. ; Public places, railway stations, airports, hotels, beauty shop, supermarket, cinema, hall, exhibition hall, library works such as indoor air first by antibacterial mouldproof filter, filter out hair, coarse particles in the air, then through the plasma electrostatic field, the dust in the air bacteria under the action of electric field, electric breakdown effect, causing damage of bacterial cells to reproduce lost died; Followed the circulation air supply, and the dust remaining bacteria in the role of uv lamp, catalytic oxidation, differentiation; And release a lot of negative oxygen ion, the realization of air clean and fresh. Inhibition of the air pollution, purify indoor air, improve indoor air quality, improve people's health. Advantages: 1. Man-machine coexist, dynamic disinfection 0. 5 hours sterilization rate could reach 90% 2. Semiconductor convex electric field, high pressure of tungsten wire fusing with worry, than honeywell electric field sterilization more efficient, longer life. 3. Solve the flake of electrostatic field of cleaning and recycling problem, the product is of structure of unit, unit can be different according to the needs of the user environment configuration, highlight product individuation, and eliminate the surplus value of the product, reduce the cost.
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