Air disinfection machine type suction a top what was the reason for the different price

by:Funglan     2020-10-18
type suction a top price what is the cause of the different understanding of all-in-one friends will find, wall, cabinet type suction a top three air sterilizer is different, the price of a customer is often asked: the expensive department the disinfection machine principle of three kinds of shape is the same, how to price difference so much, don't I'll buy back to reach the effect of the clean air! Given the customer put forward such a question, naturally we will help customers to solve the question that allow customers to buy the rest assured, with enjoyable. Let's look at one of the reasons! and the other two type suction a top air disinfection machine its disinfection purification principle is the same, not because of the factors of price to consumers of the equipment to cut corners, we produce every air disinfection machine is tested and meet the national standard of air disinfection equipment, this you can rest assured. The principle, the price also should be the same. The premise is to under the same size, material, design, only can say is the same. An example of life: glass everyone not unfamiliar, such as a cup, exterior design function as the premise of made from PC material, PP and ABS material must be different, the price of the role is water to drink, but due to the different material quality, so the price will not the same. Reply to our subject: air disinfection machine type suction a top what was the reason for the different price? Reason lies in the shell wall and cabinet type suction a top materials is not the same, of course, much cheaper, and wall-mounted air disinfection machine have limitations, and so on cost accounts for a certain space is less, this model is suitable for the small room of some families and hospitals to apply. Shell is type suction a top sheet metal materials, the volume is so big, have internal early effect, in effect filter, installed on the ceiling, save a space, all the wind, the price is a little more expensive than wall-mounted naturally, when the choose and buy more clearly see the product. Cabinet casing is using sheet metal materials, applicable air volume points a few size, mini, standards, and applicable to large space, according to the space size choice for their own use. Of course at the bottom of the cabinet air disinfection machine is another characteristic is equipped with movable wheels to move. Flexible and convenient. The biggest advantage is that one machine for multiple disinfection room, this room sanitized, push to another room, thus saving the cost of the overall upgrade, save resources, so a ark price is more expensive than and wall hanging type suction a top much, so say feel suddenly enlightened, it is not difficult to know the actually, fighting in himself and his hard, no matter who. As medical air sterilization factory, the price of every piece of equipment we are calculated, such as: raw materials, machinery parts and components, the wastage of the human, machine and so on, then add a plant operating profit to get our sales prices, some people will come up; Other XXX factory models so much cheaper! Here we will go to know air disinfection machine technology principle, and the use of internal parts? Do products, of course, is the quality, reduce production costs and ignore the quality and effect, make the finished product with waste is no different, for consumers don't want to buy a product is inferior product? Generally can be cheap, cheap product again, even if sold us it was just a painted a comfort themselves, satisfy the vanity. In fact, a good product will not use the price to attract customers, but by the quality of their own withstand test in the face of consumer; A true accounting cost of manufacturer is absolutely will not give in to the price, because of a loss selling no one is willing to do! So dear customer, after you choose the air disinfection machine, be sure to keep an eye, don't do it for hundreds of pieces of petty gain and the loss is bigger. Hope small make up words can help more friends better judgment and decision-making when choosing products!
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