Air disinfection machine used in all kinds of entertainment places?

by:Funglan     2020-10-16
Today small make up to you to understand the air disinfection machine used in all kinds of entertainment places? For young people: cartoon city, KTV, bars, Internet cafes and other leisure entertainment is not strange, and even some places are very familiar with! Such as cartoon city, Internet bar, KTV, bar staff together is very much, but in contrast, the cartoon city than KTV, bars and Internet cafes converged time long. As Internet cafes and animation city than, Internet cafe is better! The result is the same to gather the most infectious diseases are better than one. We all know the KTV night workers gathered the most, because of work pressure, life stress, or work need to select karaoke decompression, entertainment and so on reasons. Especially some festivals, such as the May Day, National Day, the tomb-sweeping day, New Year's day, birthday, relatives and friends, classmates, birthday party, such as KTV can say people mountain people sea, either in-house or corridor is one, the key is the KTV is LiangKai throat to release stress and excitement, so decoration design is very closed, and the sound insulation effect is very apparent, cause indoor air circulation not easily, although some installed pipeline central air-conditioning ventilation system, but because of many interior space is limited, plus the long-term deposition of dust, dirt, don't clean up the pipe ventilation effect is reduced, but also reduce the indoor air quality. If installed air disinfection machine or installation of central air-conditioning air disinfector device, not only can the indoor air fresh, but also sterilization. To the customer and the staff a comfortable healthy entertainment leisure and working environment. Compared to also is the same in bars, KTV is very similar. We all know that there were many people decompression, encounter, then K song, drinking is two brothers, some people go to the bar to drink wine, and then to the KTV to vent emotions. Also is the most lively bar at night, whether it be brokenhearted, or to celebrate. There will be many people gathered the bar! Formal because of this, such as a larger dance and music and colorful dazzling lights, in music and squealing ordered the people very excited, almost can achieve dedication realm! I smoked day, such as a carnival of entertainment, leisure places should be equipped with central air conditioning air disinfector, carnival also should pay attention to health, isn't it! So small make up recommend medical air sterilizer manufacturers, no doubt. We all know that hospital for clean requirement is very strict, so choose medical model is used to life, not more reassuring! Next we see cartoon city and Internet cafes! Animation city love game friends the most clear, all kinds of games, mechanical knock, start! Because of all the joys and sorrows, sometimes people much less mechanical, all around a piece of watching others playing, it's another happy too. Every machine has countless people in use, a touch countless, countless bacteria. If one person with skin disease, the presence of digital suffer dye naturally. Life, high school students, high school students, such as multiple, formal young's body a long age, so the resistance is less vulnerable to bacterial and viral invasion. So for the next generation of the motherland, we can install air disinfection machine to solve the germs in the air, also can remove the cartoon city machinery, decorate release harmful gas such as formaldehyde, toluene. In our country, Internet cafes open to the public, and is the for-profit online service. In the Internet bar available to the public computer and Internet access devices for web browsing, learning, online games, chat, video, music, share, or other activities. Internet cafe operators by charging fee or provide other value-added services revenue. Internet cafe is open to adults learning, leisure and entertainment activities such as place, it is forbidden to minors. Because of this, Internet cafes are better than one not only, and the air is also very poor. Must have been to the Internet bar friends all know, cigarette smoke, shoe odor, instant noodles, chicken, Fried powder indoor everywhere, such as Fried rice taste depending on Internet cafes by some people as their home, eat and drink pull scatter sleep, etc are all in the net cafe! It was fine, the key is to good health, indoor air quality. So the reality is not so, some Internet cafes facilities is very simple. So health in our life, or should be handled in a timely manner, the smoking ban, the cleaner to clean in time, the equipped with installation, such a comfortable and healthy environment will stay right beside each netizen and staff.
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