Air disinfection machine wall-mounted installation requirements and steps

by:Funglan     2021-04-01
There are many styles of air disinfection machines, and different styles of installation methods are different. Among them, the wall-mounted installation of the air sterilizer is the most common. The following briefly introduces the installation requirements and steps of the wall-mounted air sterilizer. A. Installation requirements: The height of the mounting plate is 2m from the ground, and the hanging plate is fixed with 4 random plastic expansion screws; the specification of the plastic expansion screw is M10ⅹ60mm; the plastic expansion screw is inserted into the mounting hole on the hanging plate; the hanging plate should be fixed Install on the plastic expansion pegs and do not loosen; make sure that the machine hanger is parallel to the wall; the height of the machine is 3 meters as an example, and it is installed at a height of 2 meters. Reserve a 220v electrical socket in advance, the machine power outlet is on the right side of the fuselage, and the power cord is about 1.8 meters long. B. Installation steps: Drill 4 10mm diameter installation holes perpendicular to the wall with an electric impact drill; insert M10ⅹ60mm plastic expansion screw and use a tool to fasten one screw; put the metal hanging plate parallel to the ground and place the second Fasten with screws; then drill two 10mm mounting holes to fasten the hanging plate; hang the machine; insert the power plug into a power supply socket that meets the power requirements; manually select various functions to confirm that the machine is working properly.
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