Air disinfector function and benefits

by:Funglan     2021-02-25
A common air disinfection machine is a machine that disinfects and sterilizes air. In addition to killing bacteria, viruses, molds, spores and other so-called sterilization, some models can also remove formaldehyde, phenol and other organic pollutants in the indoor air, and can also kill or filter pollen and other allergens. At the same time, it can effectively remove the smoke and smoke generated by smoking, the bad smell of the toilet, and the human body odor.  According to the method of disinfection and sterilization, air disinfection machines can be divided into many categories, and the characteristics and use methods of disinfection machines with different working principles are also different. Which one should be selected depends on your own needs. Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of different classifications one by one:   1. Honeywell electrostatic field technology: uses bipolar plasma electrostatic field to decompose and destroy negatively charged bacteria, polarize and adsorb dust.  Advantages: rapid and thorough sterilization, the sterilization rate of natural bacteria in the air reaches 100% within 30 minutes, and it reaches more than 99% for Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Candida albicans within 40 minutes. There is no need to replace the filter, just clean it regularly;    Disadvantage: If the surface of the air purifier integrated room starts to accumulate particles, the filter effect will be quickly and greatly reduced, requiring frequent maintenance. When the integrated board is dirty, it will make a crackling sound, which is easily damaged. This filtering method will produce ozone, which is irritating to the human respiratory organs.   2. Negative ion technology: Use static electricity to release negative ions and absorb dust in the concentrated air to reduce dust. At the same time, negative ions also ionize oxygen in the air into ozone, which has a certain killing effect on bacteria. Advantages: Negative ions combine with soot and dust particles in the air to produce electrostatically charged smoke and dust particles, which will settle after being attracted by the ground and play a purifying effect;    Disadvantages: can not really remove pollutant particles, just attach the particles to other objects It can not eliminate harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene.  3. Ozone (O3) purification technology: Use the ozone generator to generate active oxygen, oxidize and decompose the enzymes necessary for the internal glucose of bacteria, destroy their organelles, DNA, and RNA, destroy the metabolism of bacteria, and cause the death of bacteria.  Advantages: Ozone can oxidize and decompose mold spores, bacteria and other odor-causing bacteria floating in the air, and completely eliminate molds. Because ozone is a gas, it is pervasive to kill bacteria and is widely used in the food industry.   Disadvantages: The smell of ozone is strongly irritating to the human respiratory tract, causing sore throat, chest tightness and coughing. It is easy to cause bronchitis and emphysema. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the concentration of ozone regularly. 4. UV ultraviolet lamp: The working principle is to add a certain amount of high-purity mercury (mercury) to the vacuum quartz tube, and generate ion discharge by providing a voltage difference (pressure drop) to the electrodes at both ends, thereby generating ultraviolet radiation, which is harmful to bacteria, Viruses and other microorganisms are irradiated to destroy the structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) in the body and kill bacteria. Advantages: low energy consumption, low operating costs; high degree of automation; easy to maintain, with the characteristics of no secondary pollution;    Disadvantages: because ultraviolet rays can penetrate cells to make them die, so be careful not to directly irradiate people when using ultraviolet rays for disinfection Skin, especially human eyes. When there is too much dust in the air, the lamp tube is likely to accumulate dirt film, and it needs to be cleaned regularly, otherwise the disinfection effect will be affected by inhibiting the transmission of ultraviolet rays.   5. Nano-photocatalyst technology is that nano-materials convert light energy into chemical energy under the irradiation of light to promote the synthesis of organic matter or degrade organic matter. Advantages: photocatalyst technology can remove bacteria and viruses in the air, and decompose some volatile organic compounds; due to its environmental protection and safety characteristics, it is currently selected by many air sterilizer manufacturers;    disadvantage: it may decompose other compounds into Harmful substances, such as alcohol, can be decomposed into harmful formaldehyde, which must be activated by ultraviolet light of a specific wavelength, and the product life is relatively short. 6. HEPA purification technology: HEPA filter can be composed of five materials: HEPA sub-PP filter paper, glass fiber, composite PP PET filter paper, melt-blown polyester non-woven fabric and melt-blown glass fiber, which can effectively filter suspended particles, targeting 0.3 micron Some of the above tiny particles, dust, bacteria, viruses and other substances have a filtering effect, which is a safe and reliable dust removal filtration technology. Advantages: large dust holding capacity, high filtration accuracy, can be processed into various sizes and shapes according to customer needs, suitable for different models;    disadvantages: small wind resistance, can not be washed with water, need to be replaced regularly, high cost of consumables, need It ranges from one hundred to 1,000 yuan.
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