Air pollution the earth has a fever detonation lead kidney disease risk

by:Funglan     2020-11-22
Air pollution in the earth has a fever detonation lead kidney disease (CKD) send the original risk: air pollution not only makes Chinese people sick, but also make the country's urban heat; This is the air pollution makes Chinese life uncomfortable on the other hand, make the city more hot. Researchers found evidence that engulfed China city pollution aggravate urban heat effect, make one degree Celsius rise in temperature. They are the natural & middot; Letters indicates that affected one of the most serious is not a big city, but those who had been given some of the most serious air pollution city. Due to the heat island effect, hotter cities than in rural areas. At the same time, the Chinese city is often shrouded in the industrialization brought about by the fog. Professor at Yale university, school of forestry and environmental studies colleagues said, based on satellite data from the new study results of the first direct evidence to show that the heat island effect increased China's pollution problem. But not all pollution bring the same effect. Small particles, such as PM2. Five particles, in fact, played a protective role. On the one hand, they cause asthma, seeping into the blood and guts, increase the risk of cancer and heart disease. But on the other hand, they actually blocking sunlight, helps the city gets cold. And more suspended particles, such as road dust, coal, cooking and flying sand particles, produced by both absorption and send out quantity of heat, but also harmful to health. A population of 450000 of the heat island effect of hami Shanghai 3 times worse than population, 14 million. More we learn about the air pollution in the earth is sick, with a fever; So we live in the earth's people is like a body part of the earth; Organs are quite different in each country, China is like the earth's lungs, along with the air pollution is increasingly serious, serious smog; The air we breathe is full of PM2. 5 breath, fever pneumonia, then? Let's look at how air pollution increases the risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD)? The original: the southern medical university: air pollution increases the risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD) recently, the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, southern medical university professor et al team published in the journal of the American society of nephrology, according to a study by long-term exposure to high levels of PM2. 5 can increase the membranous nephropathy & ndash; — The onset of an autoimmune chronic kidney disease (CKD) frequency, thus for the first time confirmed that the air pollution in addition to cause respiratory disease, may also damage the immune system function, increase the risk of chronic kidney disease. Air pollution has become a worldwide important public health problem in developing countries, in particular, but about the relation of air pollution and kidney disease, been reported all over the world. The team analyzed from 2004 to 2014, 282 cities and 938 hospitals in our country during the period of 71151 patients with renal biopsy pathologic examination results and clinical information, found that the risk of membranous nephropathy rose significantly in the past 11 years, after adjustment for risk factors including age, gender, membranous nephropathy risk of rapidly increasing at an annual rate of 13%, and other types of kidney disease onset frequency is relatively stable. Research indicates that the pathogenesis of membranous nephropathy frequency obvious regional differences, serious air pollution city in north in China, the risk of membranous nephropathy was obviously higher than that of other areas. PM2 study and show that in the air. 5 levels higher than 70 micrograms per cubic meter area, PM2. 5 every additional 10 micrograms per cubic meter, a 14% increase in risk of membranous nephropathy. Air pollution has become China's economic development and public health of the important problems of the people's livelihood, the results of the study for many developing countries and regions, including China, the environmental protection and public health security business provides an important scientific evidence.
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