Air purification and disinfection machine-'Guardian of healthy breathing'

by:Funglan     2021-04-01
Air purification and disinfection machine-'Guard of healthy breathing' Air purification and disinfection machine improves the air quality in hospitals and is a loyal guardian of healthy breathing for patients and medical workers. Long-term exposure to polluted air is the root cause of the high incidence of respiratory diseases. Healthy breathing is the basic guarantee of life. The air purification and disinfection machine can efficiently decompose harmful substances such as formaldehyde and smoke, and can effectively kill bacteria. Scientifically and simply, it completes a full range of indoor air purification and restores a fresh and healthy environment in the indoor space. The air purification and disinfection machine adopts a combination of disinfection and sterilization and a variety of air purification technologies, and combines the multi-angle wind function of the machine to carry out no dead angle purification and disinfection treatment for the room. It can kill and remove all kinds of bacteria, virus microorganisms and pathogens, infectious bacteria and indoor formaldehyde, TVCO gas and other harmful gases in the indoor air, with an efficiency of 99.9%. Effectively control the spread and infection of various influenza and infectious diseases. Keywords of this website: air sterilizer│medical air sterilizer│ultraviolet air disinfection machine│air purification disinfection machine
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