Air purification technology and medical air purifier

by:Funglan     2021-03-28
Air purification devices can be classified according to the types of pollutants (particles, gaseous, and pollutants) they are designed to remove. According to the types of air pollutants that need to be controlled, air purifiers can be classified as: 1) Air particle purifiers. 2) Air chemistry and smell purifier. 3) Air biological purifier. According to the purification principle of air purification devices, air purifiers can be divided into two categories: 1) Dilution air purifiers, which output a certain amount of purified air through the air purifier, dilute the polluted air in the room, and achieve a certain air purification effect, high flow The air purifier corresponding to the high-clean indoor air environment, such as laminar flow technology is the highest standard dilution method purification technology, through hundreds of air changes and directional air flow to dilute the air pollution, to achieve the highest air purification effect of the dilution method. 2) Concentration method air purifiers, even if the physical or chemical factors in the controlled ambient air have the effect of purifying air reach a certain concentration to achieve air purification, such as ozone air purifiers, ion air purifiers, and concentration method air purifiers The effect is related to the concentration of the air purification factor, and has a small correlation with the flow. High-concentration indoor air purification factors correspond to highly purified room air, such as high-concentration negative ion air environment, corresponding to a highly sterile and fresh indoor air environment. Obviously, use Compared with the dilution method, the air purification concentration method can significantly reduce operating energy consumption and construction investment, and there is almost no requirement for the building space (storey height, computer room) of the target environment. There are two types of air purification devices that can remove particles in the air, mechanical air filters and electronic air purifiers.
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