Air purifier, guardian angel for children

by:Funglan     2022-05-09
With a loud cry, the little baby fell to the ground, and they greeted this beautiful world with their cry, but the world is cruel, because the first breath they breathed was not pure, but the smog was is the culprit behind this phenomenon. We know how much harm smog can cause to children, so we specially developed an anti-smog weapon to become your child's guardian angel. Your child's health is our greatest wish. According to experts' statistics, about 2.1 million people worldwide die from air pollution every year, of which 223,000 die from lung cancer caused by air pollution. At present, about 1 billion people in China live in an environment with excessive cyclone particulate matter, and 600 million people live in an environment with excessive sulfur dioxide. Every year, there are 350,000 outpatient cases of respiratory system and 6.8 million emergency cases caused by urban air pollution. Data is cruel. We live in such an environment every day, and we may have become accustomed to it, but children are different. His arrival adds vitality to our lives, but this vitality is superficial. If we want to be really full of vitality, That is to breathe fresh air every day to protect the health of children and their families. Air purifiers are not omnipotent. If you want to live a truly healthy life, you have to start from yourself. Air purifiers are just an auxiliary tool on the road to living a healthy life.

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