Air purifier manufacturers tell you the role of air purification

by:Funglan     2021-03-25
Air purifier manufacturers tell you the role of air purification Air purifier manufacturers tell you the role of air purification Air purifiers, also known as 'air cleanersIncluding dust, pollen, peculiar smell, decorative pollution such as formaldehyde, bacteria, allergens, etc.), products that can effectively improve air cleanliness are now mainly home and commercial air purifiers that eliminate indoor air pollution.   Negative ions are called 'air vitaminsBreathing an appropriate amount of negative ions every day can strengthen the function of the cerebral cortex and mental activity, reduce blood pressure, enhance the function of the heart, and increase the function of the lungs. Therefore, negative ions have been widely used in household appliances.   Negative ions can quickly neutralize positive ions such as coke smoke, second-hand smoke, lampblack, etc. in the air. Therefore, negative ion energy-saving lamps can purify harmful gases and smog, have a non-toxic response in the air and differentiate and then fall down to achieve a perfect air purification effect. In the clean technology of air conditioning products, negative ions can effectively remove traces of harmful gas molecules in the air, improve indoor air quality, and provide indoor personnel with a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. At the same time, negative ions can effectively eliminate the odor of leather and cigarettes in the closed car compartment, making the journey of the people in the car more enjoyable. When negative ions are used, it can effectively reduce radiation damage to the human body. Computer users can also inhale sufficient negative ions during use, refreshing their minds.   Negative ions can also absorb fine dust particles that cannot be absorbed by the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner, and make the dust fall effectively during the vacuuming process, and will not fly around, prevent secondary pollution, kill some bacteria in the air and refresh the air
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