Air vitamin, a good additive for your life

by:Funglan     2022-05-11

Negative ions are also known as negative oxygen ions, air vitamins, and their main functions: Negative ions have sedative, analgesic, antitussive, antipruritic, diuretic, appetite-increasing, and blood-pressure-lowering effects. For example, after a thunderstorm, the negative ions in the air increase, and people feel comfortable. In the air-conditioned room, because the negative ions in the air almost disappear after a series of air-conditioning purification treatment and long ventilation ducts, people will feel chest tightness, dizziness, fatigue, work efficiency and health status if they stay in it for a long time, which is called comprehensive air conditioning.

Negative ions with small particle size have good biological activity and are easy to pass through the blood-brain barrier of the human body and enter the human body to exert their biological effects.

A high concentration of small negative air ions is formed under the impact of lightning, waterfalls, and waves at the tip of the mountain forest, tree canopy, and leaf tips, making the air fresh and refreshing. In densely populated metropolises, industrially polluted areas, and air-tight air-conditioned rooms, the pollutants, liquids, solids and aerosols formed by various organisms and the air form pollutants, which combine a large number of small air ions into large ions. And sedimentation, loss of activity, and reduce the concentration of small air negative ions, and the positive and negative ions are in a very unbalanced state, which makes people feel uncomfortable, even dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, emotional upset, difficulty breathing, and decreased work efficiency , and even cause some lesions of unknown symptoms. Therefore, artificial air negative ions are used to increase the concentration of negative air ions in the environment to maintain a proper balance of positive and negative ions, and to improve the quality of the air environment, attracting more and more attention.

Researchers have studied the effect of small negative oxygen ions on the human body, which are mainly through three ways of pulmonary respiration: 1. Locally, it can accelerate the cilia of the respiratory epithelium. Exercise; 2. After the body fluid enters the blood, it releases electric charge, which acts on cells and proteins, and then oxidizes and inhibits serotonin in the blood; The autonomic nervous system, its charge passes through the blood-brain barrier and enters the cerebrospinal fluid until it affects neurological function. Therefore, in medical treatment, negative oxygen ions are effective for early hypertension, atresia, spasmodic vascular disease, neurasthenia, chronic gastritis, upper respiratory tract inflammation, tracheal asthma, atrophic rhinitis, burns, aphthous stomatitis, etc. curative effect. And experiments have shown that negative air ions can reduce the content of serotonin in the blood, enhance the process of nerve inhibition; it has the effects of sedation, hypnosis, and lowering blood pressure, so that the frequency of brain waves is accelerated, the time value of motor feeling is accelerated, the erythrocyte sedimentation rate is slowed down, and the blood viscosity is reduced. , Plasma protein, red blood cell hemoglobin increase, enhance the oxidation process of kidney, liver, brain and other tissues, increase the function of oxygen absorption and carbon dioxide discharge in the lungs, reduce blood sugar and lactic acid in muscles, improve the function of the reticuloendothelial system, and promote the body. Synthesize and store vitamins, improve basal metabolism, promote protein metabolism, strengthen the immune system, and have good effects on health care, biological growth and development.

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