Analysed using what is the relationship between the central air conditioning and energy?

by:Funglan     2020-11-23
Now the era of the people to live and work in peace and contentment, good crop weather, just occasionally financial volatility. So so prosperous s, needless to say, large and small household electrical appliances have entered innumberable families, so an age of electricity, natural focus on electricity, that is energy saving has become the biggest topic. Then use shallow of small make up together with you today? What is the relationship between the central air conditioning and energy Exist both in household, medical, and commercial central air conditioning power consumption, many experts are trying to reduce the central air conditioning power consumption, achieve energy conservation and environmental protection efficiency. So what are currently used in central air-conditioning energy saving technology? It is understood that at present market put forward many solutions, such as: 1. Based on the neural network technology and energy saving. 2. The operating room for the central air conditioning energy saving control system. 3. Variable frequency energy saving technology. 4. Multi Agent technology. 5. No electric two-way valve for energy saving. 6. Central air-conditioning energy-saving intelligent control system based on Profibus bus and so on related technologies. Therefore, the central air conditioning and energy saving are closely linked together. In addition to the improve the central air conditioning technology energy saving, can also pass to improve living environment layout in order to achieve the purpose of energy saving. Strengthen the Windows and doors design density, for example, using insulating glass. We all know that all buildings are now using glass curtain wall. Due to long time sunlight outside, the glass heat faster, higher and higher, so the central air conditioning power consumption is also relatively increase. So the window and longed for wall with good insulation, interior closure, reduce the air flow with the outside world. There will be a friend to ask: so close, will suppress dead! Also breeds bacteria, and so on virus, such as the small make up and tips, we can choose and buy the central air conditioning disinfector device, combined with the central air conditioning use, both solve the problem of sterilization, disinfection, also can purify the air. Key to energy conservation and environmental protection double guarantee, so there is no cannot solve the problem, just need time and also have never thought method. Return the theme, analysed using central air conditioning and energy saving between what is the relationship? Also know to see all of the above examples and methods of mass and energy saving is mutual involvement of central air conditioning, also is our energy saving problem faced by modern social development. Central air conditioning is modern building property, shopping malls, hotels, and indispensable facilities, such as, because of the large central air conditioning power consumption big, pay for central air conditioning electricity is used in the user a huge spending. So although we have many central air conditioning energy conservation technologies, however, with the improvement of people's living standard, different amount of use of central air conditioning is changing season. So if we can think so: & other; Central air-conditioning technology with energy saving is a protracted war, as the application field, the seasons, wide application, etc. ” This view is only small make up personal opinion, for reference only. Do not represent website point of view, if you have any objection can add small make up blog ( V1 is the result of natural) To discuss. Small make up hope everyone in good health, peace and happiness, all the best!
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