Analyses about the control countermeasures in the building air quality?

by:Funglan     2020-11-26
When it comes to the central air conditioning, everyone knows. In recent years, the continuous improvement of living standards people of central air conditioning becomes more and more widely used. As modern life quality improvement, indoor environment has become the main place. Led to a serious loss of indoor air quality, today small make up together with you briefly about what countermeasures to control the air quality of air conditioning buildings? We all know that in the city of more than 70% of the residents in the indoor environment, so the pollution of indoor air quality, serious impact on human health. What we all know for outdoor air pollution, the greenhouse effect, air pollution, water pollution and so on. Then we for central air conditioning have any countermeasures to the problem of air quality in buildings. Along with the small make up together and see, what kind of pollution. Life because of the building indoor closed doors and Windows open air conditioning, ventilation is poorer, emissions of pollutants not promptly; Construction of indoor use with benzene as solvent paint, thinner, treating agent and so on is one of the sources of indoor air quality; There are people in the kitchen to clean health, using the ambry of man-made plank and adhesive can lead to excessive TVOC, USES marble and ceramic tile for large area to decorate result in excess of radon. So face the air quality of air conditioning buildings have any countermeasures for what we have. Bad because of the central air conditioning clean, so we can give disinfection of household central air conditioning, installation of indoor air purification plant to eliminate indoor air pollution and effective methods, and improve the indoor ventilated take a breath, can strengthen the disinfection of air purification. In addition to the central air conditioning air disinfector method, we can also strengthen the life: 1. Cleaning and hygiene management, wet cleaning, reduce indoor air particles. 2. Energy conservation and environmental protection consciousness, forming scientific habits of life and the healthy consumption. 3. Pay attention to choose to suit the check-in time for a new home. 4. For central air conditioning to regular maintenance, cleaning. 5. Note that a moderate amount of exercise to enhance their physical fitness. Etc. To different people, different life habit, has a different way of life, then all on the same planet, the same time, the same living environment. So face the life in the building air quality pollution problem, so we have to face together! Hope small make up briefly about control countermeasures in the building air quality? For everyone a little help, also hope that our living environment is getting more and more good! I wish everyone good health and everything goes well, peace and happiness!
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