Analyses how to use the winter air disinfection machine to prevent a cold?

by:Funglan     2020-10-23
Winter is more and more cold, snow day has passed, the winter solstice is coming. In ancient China the ancients of the winter solstice is the notion that the cathode, and the beginning of the sun be the spirit; To day is south, short, shadow to long, so yue & other; Throughout the winter solstice &; 。 We all know that cold winter easy to infection, especially for pandemic influenza. What is the main reason? How to use the air disinfection purification machine to prevent a cold? Small make up together with you to solve! Because of the cold winter we can choose to stay at home do not go out, especially in the rain and snow weather! Lead to bacterial growth. Poor resistance will be defeated by bacteria, cause a cold, fever, cough and other symptoms, also can cause all kinds of serious diseases. Indoor air block, small range, touch each other more, the air quality is poor. Formed the bacteria, the highest risk coefficient, stay for a long time old person, child for high-risk groups. So in order to you and your family's health, breathe clean air, must use the necessary air purification equipment to deal with their own environment that occupy the home, be sure to keep warm, pay attention to indoor air circulation, pay attention to health, pay attention to a balanced diet, pay attention to the law of life, proper exercise. Ancient cloud: cold winter solstice Yin qi stage, in the winter solstice keeping in good health we must pay attention to the above all is cold weather, especially should pay attention to the feet to keep warm. So today, determination under the small make up together with you to understand how to use the air sterilizer to prevent a cold? Indoor air assistant, the bane of bacteria and viruses, as shown in figure: for indoor air purification, common on the market at present air purifier, air disinfector, air disinfection purification machine, so one of purification of smoke dust and harmful gases, kill pathogenic bacteria, and other characteristics, popular, especially in the hospital application the most, is by far the most comprehensive, the most obvious effect of air disinfection purification products. Small make up recommend choosing air disinfection purification equipment preferred medical air disinfection purification machine, as we all know the commercial air disinfector relative medical, production material is the same, but clean requirements are different, so is not known. Environmental science and technology r&d, production, sales and service into an organic whole, specializing in the supply of medical air disinfection purification machine, has a wealth of experience and numerous cooperation case! The rich products are air disinfection purification machine, central air conditioning clean disinfection equipment, plasma electrostatic FaShengChang products, services in all walks of life, about the introduction of these products in every website can see the product introduction and technology etc. Let's look at how to use wall-mounted air disinfector to prevent a cold? The effect how? In indoor air disinfection purification machine man-machine coexist, energy conservation, environmental protection, boot efficient disinfection: implement natural bacteria killing rate is as high as in the air & ge; 99. 99%; Efficient purification: 0 in the air. 5μ M above the tiny particles of dust removal & ge; 90. More than 00%; Widely: sterilization of airborne bacteria, mildew, virus and escherichia coli, etc; Luxurious: by microcomputer and luxury LCD panel design, automatic, timing, manual three disinfection modes to choose; After maintenance, maintenance convenient: using semiconductor product parts need to rinse immediately with water pollution. See here have to believe in wall-mounted air disinfector is the default choice. Hope this winter air disinfection purification function of the escort for you, and I hope everything goes well with everyone healthy body, all the luck, happy and peace!
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