Analyses the current mainstream air disinfection machine technology advantages and disadvantages?

by:Funglan     2020-10-27
Early disinfection liquid are both hospital and home is given priority to, such as 84 disinfectant, air fresheners, air disinfectant, and so on disinfection products. So with the development of science and technology, environmental change air disinfection machine became prevalent in various industries. Today environment small make up together with you briefly mainstream air disinfection machine technology advantages and disadvantages of the market at present? First we ozone air disinfector is simple to understand, its advantage is that the ozone sterilization method to fuse bacteria, both bacteria and viruses, or not to be spores have destroy, sterilizing thoroughly, no residue, broad-spectrum sterilization. The disadvantage is that: the substance of unprotected allowance after disinfection, can cause emphysema, and even death, cannot the man-machine coexist, odour volatile slow, at least 30 minutes before entering. Then see ultraviolet air disinfector is advantages and disadvantages, advantages: ultraviolet rays can kill all kinds of microbes, including bacteria breeding, buds, mycobacterium, viruses, fungi, rickettsia and mycoplasma, broad-spectrum resistance. Weakness: the residual contamination, peculiar smell, one-time purification efficiency is low. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of plasma air sterilization machine? Take a look at its advantages: rapid sterilization, thoroughly clean air 300000 level ( ISO9 level standard) The above. Disadvantages: 1. Control is bad to generate ozone, the United States have banned a single electrostatic dust removal of air purification products. 2. Clean trouble, need professional cleaning and maintenance items. Finally understand the advantages and disadvantages of photocatalytic air disinfection machine in where? Its advantages: light catalyst sustainable purify air, including the removal of organic and biological pollution. Disadvantages: 1. Photocatalytic have strong oxidizing, of metal materials, fabrics, leather and so on all has certain corrosion effect. 2. Photocatalytic air purification is a passive way, cannot solve the problem of pollution sources of volatile, that is to say, volatile pollutants, a point light accelerant adsorption decomposition, and the human body and light catalyst in the adsorption of pollutants at the same time, so the light catalytic purification air just a concept of hype, no substance to human body health. Used more than friends are aware of the pros and cons of this technology, so the choose and buy friends can also see a reference, specific how to choose and buy is finally decided by our consumers to choose its own. So say to the small make up feel good things or to share, we have learned in the market at present, a new technology called: three yuan one semiconductor technology. , combined with the related the advantage of late and considering the consumers to maintain clean convenient and save money, the semiconductor device can be removed with water. The only drawback is that in addition to bringing semiconductor device, can free collocation with electrostatic technology for consumer, photocatalytic technology, such as mixing, so that the effect will be more, but the price will be more expensive. Hope as you choose the end of the small make up air sterilizer reference at the same time, can help you choose the suitable machine, buy heart diet products. Thank you very much!
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