Application and advantages of air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-02-23
Applications 1 Hospitals, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, supermarkets, homes, ships, automobiles and other interior spaces 2 Airports, railway stations, bus stations, subways, wharves, large ports and other crowded public places 3 large sports application places, training Site 4 military aspects such as underground tunnels, submarines 5 emergency plan measures for the sanitary system 6 special occasions of the Ministry of National Security for combating bioterrorism attacks such as anthrax. Advantages: low dose and fast action In the same space and objects that need to be disinfected, this machine can be completely disinfected after 30 minutes of work. Smart: One-key smart, cycle work. This machine can be set once and automatically work periodically according to the actual needs of users.    Safety: non-toxic, harmless, no residue, no secondary pollution. Chlorine dioxide can also reduce potential cancer-inducing organic compounds or harmful toxic by-products after killing harmful bacteria and viruses in a considerable range in the air, and at the same time transform itself into safe and common inorganic salts.
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